180 Cakes Creates Healthy, Simple, and Utterly Delicious Alternative Desserts

Desserts Aren’t Usually Associated With Health. 180 Cakes Is Rewriting That Narrative.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Desserts — especially baked goods — are an iconic part of life. From the beginning of civilization, humankind has found ways to bake culinary concoctions that incorporate sugar, wheat, and a variety of other ingredients. While these after-dinner delights create good experiences, though, they’ve rarely been associated with good health. On the contrary, there’s a reason parents traditionally insist on children eating healthier dinner foods before they move on to dessert.

While dessert may be associated with poor health, though, there’s one company that is bucking that trend. 180 Cakes is an Australian alternative baking brand helmed by professional chef Kara Payne. After years spent baking in a pastry shop, Payne realized how unhealthy pastries can be. She decided to branch out on her own and found 180 Cakes.

"I wanted to give people an option that was more wholesome than the highly processed commercial baking mixes filled with nasty ingredients that are currently dominating the market," Payne explains. Instead, she focuses on using alternative ingredients like xylitol and almond meal to create her own mixes. The visionary chef goes on to detail the development process of each of her recipes. "It took me 7 months of experimentation to create and perfect my first cake mix, the Chocolate Cake Mix with Chocolate Frosting, because I refused to compromise on taste and quality."

Payne adds that she spends a similar amount of time and effort on each and every mix that she creates. As she develops each recipe, she keeps two standards in mind. "When I create a 180 Cakes mix I only focus on 2 things," she says, "That it tastes so delicious that everyone will enjoy it, and that it only contains real ingredients which are clean, natural, and won’t spike your blood sugar levels."

This commitment has led to the creation of a line of cake mixes that are as delectable as they are healthy. They are great for those managing diabetes, celiacs, and even food intolerances like gluten and sucrose. They are also ideal for anyone on a keto or low-carb diet.

With 180 Cakes, Payne has created a dessert brand that is able to combine both health and taste into one incredible experience that sets a new standard for alternative baking across the globe. From cakes to cookies, brownies to donuts, 180 Cakes is blazing a new trail of deliciously diet-conscious fun through each and every dessert mix that its owner creates.

About 180 Cakes: 180 Cakes is an Australian company that was launched in February of 2018 by professional chef, Kara Payne. The company caters to the needs of those that follow the diabetes, celiacs, and keto diets. Each 180 Cakes recipe focuses on using a minimal number of natural, clean ingredients in perfect quantities that are tailored to create an optimal flavor profile. Learn more about 180 Cakes at 180cakes.com.

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