Agent99 Launches New Environmentally Responsible Sanitizer

OREM, Utah, Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Agent99 is the new household surface sanitizer that is environmentally responsible, strong enough for hospitals, safe enough for your home, and has been proven to be non-toxic and highly effective. 

Agent99, when mixed with water makes Hypochlorous Acid, which kills 99.997% of bacteria and viruses. Hypochlorous Acid is a non-toxic, completely natural substance which is also released from our body’s neutrophil cells. It functions in the body as an antimicrobial agent which neutralizes bacteria, toxins, and anti-inflammatory mediators in the body. 

Unlike other Hypochlorous Acid products, Agent99 comes in powder form that you mix with water. The advantages are, it can be mixed to a variety of strengths, can be stored long term, is lighter and easier to ship/store, and can be mixed in containers that can be reused. Reusing bottles is one way that Agent99 is environmentally responsible, in addition, when Agent99 breaks down it only leaves salt and water. Effectively leaving no ecological footprint, unlike many other harsh chemicals.

When you mix 2grams of Agent99 with 32oz of water, a 1200ppm Hypochlorous Acid solution is created. This is much stronger than other Hypochlorous Acid products available, yet still safe enough to use on or around humans, animals, food etc… Agent99 powder can also be used as a water purification method. 2grams of Agent99 will purify 30gallons of water, making it a great solution for emergency preparedness. Agent99 can also be used to clean wounds and kill infections. 

Agent99 is a very safe and effective solution to sanitize households, hospitals, businesses, and schools. This is a time, more than ever, that this product is needed. As students are returning to schools and we are headed into flu season, it is more important than ever for people to have a safe, effective, affordable solution, as opposed to using more toxic chemicals like bleach or other harmful substances. 

Agent99 offers a chemical free, green, highly effective, and environmentally responsible solution when mixed with H2O. It is one of the least expensive and strongest Hypochlorous Acid solutions on the market. We want you to be able to use it in your home, work environment, and in your everyday life. 

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