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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In the new year, “Dry January” is one of the more popular resolutions. Dry January participants go cold turkey, avoiding all alcoholic drinks during the first month of 2021. Since it often takes people several weeks to develop a habit, Dry January gives men and women 31 days to grow accustomed to life without alcohol. For those who just want to introduce more moderation to their imbibing routine, it might be hard to return to old ways. After all, alcohol tolerance can shrink following a long break from drinking, making these Dry January enthusiasts more susceptible to future hangovers. So, Alcovit might be a supplement for them to consider.

A product of German Healthcare company, Biotake GmbH, Alcovit is offered in single-serving packets. After a night of drinking, Alcovit can be mixed with approximately 200 ml still water into a large glass of at least 300 ml glass (due to foaming!). Upon consuming Alcovit’s mixture of nutrients and vitamins, the supplement works to support recovery while an extra ingredient – mineral silicate – binds to alcohol molecules within the digestive tract. This is intended to reduce the amount of alcohol processed by the liver and minimize the chance that a hangover would rear its ugly, nausea-inducing head (

If Dry January participants foresee themselves diving into a Wet February, then Alcovit could become a necessary addition to their drinking repertoire. And they wouldn’t be alone. The strong emotions that swirled in 2020, coupled with the ongoing pandemic, have made for an oftentimes volatile cocktail. So, it’s no surprise that, overall, alcohol consumption has dramatically increased in most communities. According to Nielsen’s, as of September 2020, American alcohol sales have risen between 24% and 27% when compared to 2019’s numbers. In response, some local governments have allowed restaurants and bars to deliver drinks to customers in their homes, capitalizing on the demand for beer, wine, and spirits. This positive development allows mom-and-pop restaurants and small businesses to survive while meeting the needs of consumers. But it also means that more people might need a quick boost of vitamins and minerals in case they accidentally drink a little too much.

While Alcovit is not yet available in the United States, the potent supplement is working its way up through North America. Released in Mexico and soon to debut on shelves in Brazil, Alcovit has been on the market in Australia and throughout much of Europe for some time. It is certified as a class IIa medical device in the European Union and adheres to strict international guidelines for supplement manufacturing and distribution.

Some people still treat hangovers with “hair of the dog” remedies, in which sick individuals attempt to cure their nausea by consuming the same drink that got them sick in the first place. This probably isn’t a helpful practice. Alcovit, on the other hand, may preemptively relieve social drinkers of the hairiest dogs around. Especially when Dry January is over.

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