Alcovit: Ingesting (But Not Fully Digesting) the Crust of the Earth

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Alcovit uses volcanic zeolite to catch alcohol inside the digestive tract. The German brand and product by the same name aim to bring an end to the hangover by having customers ingest this powerful lava, though it is specifically designed to avoid absorption on the way through the human body.

The hangover plagues millions of individuals around the world on a regular basis. Headaches, nausea, vertigo, sensitivity, irritability, and general fatigue can make a person pay a severe early-morning price for a previous night spent drinking. Alcovit is looking to bring an end to the hangover and its side effects by attacking the root of the issue.

Rather than offering symptom-focused solutions, Alcovit targets the primary enemy: a build-up of alcohol in the digestive system. Alcohol may be easy to consume, but after the taste buds, the rest of the body considers it a toxin. As it builds up, the liver, heart, and kidneys work double-time to process and expel the unwanted substance. The metabolic process also creates unsavory secondary toxins that eventually lead to a hangover.

While most hangover cures address the issue after the fact, Alcovit uses a natural mineral silicate to proactively capture and expel the alcohol in your digestive system. It does this by using a volcanic rock called zeolite, which naturally attracts alcohol to itself. The rock is ground fine enough to make it soluble so that it can easily enter your digestive system and attract alcohol to itself. However, the powder is also kept large enough to both maintain its surface area (to attract the alcohol) and avoid being absorbed into your bloodstream. This allows both the zeolite and its accompanying alcohol to simply be expelled.

The team at Alcovit spent a long time experimenting with various volcanic rocks to see which one was the most effective. They tried many different samples from former Yugoslavia, Norway, Scandinavia, Canada, and South Africa. It was that last one that proved to be the most effective.

From there, a blend of 12 essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants was added. After the zeolite has gotten rid of the majority of the alcohol, these help to deliver an additional level of energy and stress relief.

Alcovit’s revolutionary hangover remedy has obtained a European Patent (# EP 2 538 950) from the E.P.A. at Munich, Germany, and has already been growing in popularity in Europe. It has also begun expanding its online and brick-and-mortar offerings in order to increase Alcovit’s availability in North American markets.

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