Alcovit’s Sponge-Like Quality Is Turning Heads

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — There are many anti-hangover products on the market. However, none of these utilize the key ingredient that makes Alcovit such a groundbreaking post-drinking solution. The company’s patented formula includes the use of hand-picked, high-quality zeolite, a mineral that works as a sort of "sponge" to soak up, capture, and eliminate alcohol before it’s metabolized by the body’s digestive system.

Hangovers are nasty experiences in any and every situation. The effects of too much drinking can leave an individual feeling weak, fatigued, thirsty, dizzy, and nauseous. Eyes can become sensitive to light, pounding headaches are common, and blood pressure can be a concern. Even general effects such as increased anxiety and irritability can ensue after a bout of heavy drinking.

Most hangover supplements on the market address these symptoms to varying degrees. They strive to provide the body with key nutrients that equip it to return to a state of normalcy as soon as possible.

That’s where Alcovit’s groundbreaking formula is different. The German-made dietary supplement boldly markets itself as a legitimate "solution" to the hangover, not just a way to manage its side effects.

The product can claim to do this due to its use of zeolite. The unique volcanic natural mineral silicate is ground into a fine, soluble powder and added to a mixture of 12 vitamins and other nutrients. Once consumed, the zeolite sits in the digestive tract and "attracts" any alcohol that follows. In the words of the brand, Alcovit "can ABSORB alcohol quickly and thus prevent that part of the alcohol consumed from passing through the liver!"

Along with the zeolite, the company includes the additional vitamins and minerals as a compliment to replenish any nutrients that the body uses during drinking. In other words, the very vitamins that many other so-called "hangover cures" use as their main product are merely a support element for Alcovit’s hero ingredient, zeolite.

The ability for Alcovit to capture and prevent significant amounts of alcohol from reaching the bloodstream is a distinct advantage that sets the product apart from anyone else in the hangover management space. It’s a differentiating factor that has allowed the brand to gain a growing following across the globe, from Australia to Asia, Europe, and most recently, the United States.

About Alcovit: Alcovit is marketed by CDM Medical, LLC. The parent company was founded by a trio of doctors with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and business management markets. The enterprise specializes in developing innovative solutions for its rapidly growing international customer base.

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