All Dressd App and Someplace 2 Go!

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Fashionistas can turn their own clothes into cash with a revolutionary approach to the apparel rental market.

Expected to launch in March, Dressd is designed as a win-win app, using a peer-to-peer model to return control back to both consumers and renters. Dressd will let users rent an item or an entire outfit for at least two weeks from their own wardrobe.

To sign up in advance for the rollout, users can visit

What’s different about Dressd?

"Currently, other clothing rental companies own all their inventory. So, consumers are limited to what styles, brands and kinds of items they can rent," said CEO and founder Capri Wheaton, who left college to form her own company at age 20 after an entrepreneurial inspiration.

"During my time in a sorority at UC Berkeley, whenever we were getting ready for a party or event, girls would gather in someone’s dorm and bring different bags, shoes," Wheaton said. "We would all borrow someone’s outfit so we could wear a look that was new to us.

"I wanted to build an app that would capture that same experience with technology."

Dressd is expected to give fashion renters a much bigger selection to choose from, including access to a wider range and trendier items. Think even hard-to-find and out-of-season apparel only appropriate for getaways, like beach coverups and ski wear.

"Renting clothes will allow users to try out a new look or a style for an event, and then return it," Wheaton said. "There’s also a lack of affordable and trendy options for Gen Z consumers."  

About Dressd
In business since November 2021, Dressd is funded by Y Combinator, an investor in early stage startups and such well-known companies as Airbnb, Dropbox, Reddit, Twitch and Instacart. Founder and CEO Capri Wheaton studied at the University of California, Berkeley, before stepping away to start the app company Dressd, expected to launch in March. To sign up for the launch in advance, visit or contact Wheaton at (503) 550 – 9951 or