Alternative Man Bag Maker bolstr® On Course to 4th Successful Kickstarter: +$250K Raised

CLEVELAND, Aug. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — bolstr®, a rising brand in the world of men’s everyday carry bags and accessories, reaches Kickstarter goal in less than 48 hours.

"We are making our final push for our Kickstarter campaign with eight days to go, and these are promising results that prove the need for a minimal bag line for men. We cracked the code on making small bags and accessories that do not carry a man purse stigma," said Jay Yoo, founder of bolstr.

Having daily essentials with us at all times is a bottom-line necessity. For men, this often means overstuffing pockets full of a wallet, keys, phone, Airpods, mask, etc..

"If you stop and look around, you will see a lot of men overstuffing their front pockets. It looks ridiculous. Most will admit it is a problem, and they would rather not haul all their stuff this way, but solid small bag alternatives are few and far between. We aim to change that," said Jay Yoo.

bolstr Elements is available on Kickstarter (ending August 27th):

  • AUX Pocket*: An extra pocket designed for daily essentials, but not much more. Five pockets for a smartphone, Airpods, credit cards, passport, and wallet. Elastic bands for charging cables and a pen.
  • MINI Pocket (New)*: An extra pocket for pocket essentials only. Four pockets for credit cards, Airpods, charging cables, and more.
  • Small Carry: Smaller than a laptop bag, but larger than a holster. Five pockets for sunglasses, smart phone, airpods, wallet, passport, small tablet, but not much more.

*MINI and AUX can be worn crossbody, detached for in-hand carry, clipped on a belt loop/keychain, or stored inside the Small Carry for in-bag organization.

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