Altitude Elevates The Senses

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The European energy tonic sensation Altitude has recently become available in the United States. The innovative tonic combines the effectiveness of an energy drink with additional benefits, including digestion and immune health. All of this is done with quality, natural ingredients that respect the environment, allowing Altitude to elevate the consumer experience on every level.

Most of the time health and wellness are divorced from the need for energy. Individuals will consume vitamins or dietary supplements in the pursuit of a healthy body. Then, as a separate activity, they will drink coffee, an energy drink, or some other caffeine-infused beverage to tap into a short-lived burst of energy to get them going.

The European/Canadian company PilotsFriend has come up with a new solution that addresses both energy and health at the same time. Altitude is a precision-crafted tonic that "provides a burst of long-lasting energy without the crash felt by consuming traditionally caffeinated beverages." Along with this crash-free experience, the unique formula utilizes a plethora of high-quality ingredients to address digestive, anti-inflammatory, and immunity health.

The drink was developed over the course of a decade by a group of European bio-scientists and nutritionists. Over time, this team of experts cobbled together an optimized amalgam of potent nutritional tools. The result was a multifunctional drink that can keep professionals on their feet and thinking clearly throughout the day.

The efficacy of Altitude is testified to by the brand’s growing customer base. However, the creators of the tonic are interested in more than just the effectiveness of their product. They want to provide a truly superior experience on every level. In pursuit of this goal, they have ensured that each shot of Altitude:

  • Uses all-natural ingredients;
  • Contains organically grown natural herbs and plant extracts;
  • Is GMO-free and vegan;
  • Does not contain artificial sweeteners, synthetic taurine, or preservatives.

This strict adherence to quality coupled with respect for both Mother Nature and the brand’s consumers has resonated with customers across the globe. In the words of the brand, it has allowed Altitude to provide "a taste of clarity" by delivering "the highest product quality, excellence, and purity."

From its ability to enhance the body’s performance to its use of natural ingredients and its respect for the environment and customers alike, Altitude and its parent company PilotsFriend are revolutionizing the energy drink market. The drink has already found a growing following through both Europe and Canada. It recently entered the U.S. as well, where its ability to provide crisp, long-lasting, health-focused energy is already creating a buzz in a marketplace used to quick fixes and detrimental crashes.

About Altitude: The Altitude label is owned by the European entity PilotsFriend. The parent company operates out of Austria and Italy, where it originally created its popular formula in an attempt to help jet pilots safely stay awake while flying. Since its inception, the energy tonic has become a popular go-to for professionals of all kinds, both in Europe and across the pond in Canada.

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