Apple Preferred Partner Motif Adds 130 Countries to its Global Reach

NEW YORK, June 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Motif, one of Apple’s preferred partners for creating personalized photo books and more, and part of the Mimeo family of brands, is excited to announce its expansion to 130 additional countries, bringing the total number of supported countries to an impressive 163.

Users around the world can now access the Motif app, available for download on macOS and iOS app stores, and enjoy the convenience of designing and shipping photo products to their loved ones, regardless of geographical boundaries.

Motif’s decision to expand its global reach was driven by the overwhelming feedback and requests received from users worldwide following its acquisition by Mimeo Photos in early 2023. The company recognized the importance of enabling individuals to share their cherished memories with family and friends, no matter where they reside. With this expansion, Motif aims to foster deeper connections and bridge the gap between loved ones across continents.

“Motif is committed to continuous improvement and innovation,” says Jim Simpson, General Manager of Mimeo Photos. “This expansion marks a significant milestone in our mission to enable people from all corners of the globe to express themselves through personalized photo products.”

One of the key enhancements accompanying this expansion is the support for 14 different currencies, ensuring a seamless payment experience for users worldwide. With simplified payment options, customers can easily create and order their customized photo products, regardless of their location.

Motif’s extended availability encompasses numerous countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Brazil, and many others. Users in these regions can now effortlessly access the Motif app and start creating their own unique photo products. Whether it’s a stunning photo book capturing precious memories or a heartfelt card sent to a distant friend, Motif empowers users to turn their photos into tangible keepsakes and thoughtful gifts.

To download the Motif app and embark on your next photo project, visit the Apple App Store.

The complete list of countries where Motif is now available for download on the macOS and iOS app stores is available here.

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About Motif

Motif, part of the Mimeo family of brands, is a leading platform that allows users to create and order personalized photo books, calendars, and cards. With an easy-to-use app available on MacOS and iOS, Motif empowers individuals to transform their cherished photos into beautiful, high-quality products. Motif is committed to providing a seamless and delightful experience for users, enabling them to share their memories with loved ones around the world.

About Mimeo Photos

Mimeo Photos turns your most meaningful moments into premium photo products you can touch, hold, or hang. Mimeo Photos enables everyone across the globe to create premium quality photobooks, wall and tabletop decor, cards, and more through a wide variety of customizable themes, layouts, and sizes. Mimeo Photos users have the flexibility to create directly online through its web application or within the Apple ecosystem. As Apple’s long time print partner, Mimeo Photos has elevated this core offering to ensure that the creative and design needs are met for all customers in any region.

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