Astreea Introduces a Hand Sanitizer Subscription Service for Reopening Businesses and Schools

ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — To help fight COVID-19 as businesses and schools reopen, Astreea, a company focused on innovative hand sanitization, today announced a new hand sanitizer and subscription service, Astreea Safe, for its line of premium, pedal-operated hand sanitizer dispensers used by Audi, Spirit Airlines, and Hilton among other established brands. Astreea also announced a special discount of 15% off its existing line of dispensers for those businesses and schools who commit to monthly refills. 

“As businesses and schools reopen, it’s important to consider how you are communicating your commitment to proper safety protocols. One way to illustrate you take hygiene seriously is displaying a permanent, professional-looking, stainless steel hand sanitizer dispenser that never runs out of sanitizer,” said Jason Liburdi, senior marketing director at Astreea North America. “At Astreea, we’re committed to ongoing innovation in safe and professional hand sanitation products so businesses and school districts can protect people while creating safer, cleaner environments to avoid the spread of disease during this critical reopening time in the U.S.”

Astreea Safe: Bottle Swap, Effective and Recyclable
Astreea’s subscription program offers a unique one-for-one bottle swap which is different from a traditional refill service in that it’s mess free and extremely easy to use.

Proudly made in the United States, Astreea Safe is a safe and non-toxic hand sanitizer registered with the FDA that kills 99.9% of illness-causing germs. It’s available starting today as a one time purchase or as a subscription for businesses and schools looking for a constant supply of safe hand sanitizer.

Astreea Safe follows the FDA recommended guidelines for safe and effective hand sanitizers with 70% ethyl alcohol as its active ingredient and is non-toxic. It also contains glycerin and vitamin E to moisturize and a unique citrus fragrance all combined in a gel solution that dries quickly without being sticky or leaving behind residue.

Astreea Safe comes in 1, 2, and 5-liter reservoirs designed to fit perfectly in Astreea’s lineup of durable and professional-grade hand sanitizer dispensers. Simply replace the empty reservoir with a new, factory-filled reservoir from Astreea and toss the empty reservoir in the recycling bin.

Astreea can also recommend a recurring subscription based on how many pumps your dispenser sees on a daily basis. For reference, one liter is enough to provide up to 1,300 pumps or enough to sanitize 43 individuals once a day for 30 days.

Astreea Sanitizer Dispensers
While Astreea Safe is a great hand sanitizer that can be used on its own, it is designed to work in tandem with Astreea Sanitizer Dispensers. Astreea sanitizer dispensers all come with a lifetime warranty, are mechanically operated and don’t need batteries, and are the most durable and professional way to offer customers and guests hand sanitizer. The Astreea Pedal Hand Sanitizer is also the most hygienic way to dispense sanitizer as users can dispense sanitizer using a foot pedal rather than having to touch a pump with their hands. 

Designed and manufactured by the aerospace engineers at ARSAT, a trusted and certified quality European aerospace factory, these dispensers made with high quality, medical-grade stainless steel, welded together so that it is weather-resistant, and hand-finished and inspected with the kind of exacting detail you’d expect from an engineer.

Pricing and Availability Plus School Discount
Available exclusively at starting today, Astreea Safe starts at $19.99 for one liter or $14.99 a month with a subscription.

For a limited time, educators and school districts wanting to do as much as possible to protect students and faculty can order Astreea dispensers and Astreea Safe at a 35 percent discount or more for qualifying orders. Contact
for more information.

Astreea dispensers are sold through resellers and direct on   For those who commit to the subscription service, Astreea is offering a 15 % discount on their existing line of Astreea dispensers.

About Astreea
Astreea, distributed exclusively by Thumbprint in the U.S., creates innovative hand sanitization products. The company started by building the world’s most popular pedal hand sanitizer dispenser line with sizes ranging from S to XXL. Astreea’s dispensers are truly unique as they are touchless, fully mechanical and made entirely from medical-grade stainless steel, requiring no assembly, batteries, or maintenance. Astreea’s dispensers are currently used by Audi, Spirit Airlines, and Hilton, designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and ideal for any public space. Astreea’s also introduced a proprietary hand sanitizer subscription service called Astreea Safe for businesses and schools looking to reopen due to COVID-19.   For more information visit

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