Autonomous Shared the Luck on Saint Patrick’s Day, Raising $15,000 for America’s Environmental Future

NEW YORK, March 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Autonomous, the leading home office software and hardware company in the United States, today announced their donation of $15,000 to Climate Action Now! (CAN!) an NGO program supported by the Earth Island Institute. This donation was raised as part of their joint ‘Share the Luck this Saint Patrick’s Day’ initiative, which called on customers to help the environment by revamping their home office space.

Through this initiative, $2.00 from each Autonomous sale made between the 16th and 22nd of March was pledged towards CAN! an NGO program that cultivates educational and ecological resilience by removing pavements in urban centers to create organic gardens.

“By now, we’re all aware of how sensitive the environment is and how essential it is for us to do the work now to ensure that we, as well as our future generations, have a healthy world to live in,” Says Duy Huynh, CEO and Founder of Autonomous. “That’s why we’re proud to announce the end of our successful ‘Share the Luck this Saint Patrick’s Day’ initiative, through which we raised $15,000 to help CAN! continue their essential work in restoring our natural environment.”

Over the course of the initiative, customers could purchase anything in the Autonomous store, from hardware including standing desks, ergonomic chairs, and other smart accessories, to their groundbreaking telepresence robot, Ohmni, which makes communication with – and the management of – remote teams completely effortless. From each and every sale, $2.00 was added to the donation pool, totalling $15,000, the entirety of which was donated to CAN!

According to the United States National Park Service, or USNPS, pollinator populations – crucial to nearly every ecosystem as well as human food production – are declining around the world. The USNPS has stated that the removal of green spaces and large swathes of land covered by concrete is one of the leading causes of this, with this overurbanization removing crucial habitat and food sources for our most prolific pollinators. As such, programs like CAN! who reclaim these concreted spaces and convert them into urban oases for pollinators and people alike are more crucial than ever.

“Our customers really rallied behind this cause,” says Huynh. “And with all the great work CAN! does, it’s easy to see why. We’re proud to have been a part of this, and are looking forward to the possibility of future partnerships with CAN! and other NGOs to do our part in helping the environment – as well as numerous other causes – through similar initiatives.”

This fundraising drive follows a number of successful initiatives and charitable works by Autonomous, with the company successfully raising funds to provide hospitals and frontline healthcare workers with surgical masks during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

To make an independent donation to CAN! please visit To keep up with any future Autonomous initiatives, or to browse their range of considered, ergonomic and stylish office furniture, please visit

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