Avalife Offers Comprehensive “Nanozomal” CBD Support

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Avalife is a health and wellness brand that delivers wellness solutions to its customers. Its growing "Nanozomal" CBD line is a perfect example of the organization’s focus on results. Avalife CBD is formulated using unique nanotechnology to emulsify its CBD, making it as much as 15 times more bioavailable than the conventional CBD.

CBD has many benefits, from supporting joint and muscle health to reducing stress, balancing mood, and operating as a neuroprotective agent. While CBD is a powerful health and wellness tool, though, its delivery to the body is often hampered by issues with absorption. Typical CBD options often struggle with bioavailability (i.e. the amount of a substance that actually enters the bloodstream and has an effect on the body.) This means it is slow to act and has poor results. In fact, in many cases, as little as 6% of ingested CBD actually impacts the body.

Avalife has provided a novel solution to this issue by embracing nanotechnology throughout its impressive line of NANOZOMAL™ CBD+ products. This approach emulsifies the CBD, overcoming the issue of the oil’s insolubility in water and protecting it from acid throughout the digestive tract.

The brand claims that its CBD nanoemulsion "provides a more stable solution with higher bioavailability, a faster onset of action and greater therapeutic effect compared to regular CBD oil." This "greater effect" is estimated to be as much as 15X the normal delivery found in a dose of CBD. Avalife has used its nanotechnological approach to create five revolutionary products:

  • A liquid compound called NANOZOMAL™ CBD+ Emulsion — taken in one-teaspoon daily doses.
  • A tincture called NANOZOMAL™ CBD+ Concentrated Drops — taken in 10 or 20 drop daily doses.
  • A capsule called NANOZOMAL™ CBD+ Gel Capsules — taken in one-to-two gel daily doses.
  • A packet called NANOZOMAL™ CBD+ Sachets — taken in single sachet daily doses.
  • A topical salve called NANOZOMAL™ CBD+ Balm — applied to the skin as needed.

Avalife’s CBD line offers a comprehensive solution to a variety of physical and mental concerns. It utilizes the power of emulsified CBD and combines it with a wide variety of applications through multiple products. While many companies have entered the CBD market in recent years, few have mirrored the forward-thinking, effective, holistic results that Avalife has delivered thus far.

About Avalife: Avalife focuses on creating holistic dietary supplements that combine traditional Ayurvedic medicine with modern, research-backed scientific results. The brand operates as a subsidiary of its parent company, Avacare Global.

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