BioLiNE® Technology a Global Leader in Advancing Science-Based Biostimulant Solutions Obtains CE Certification with Efficacy Claims

ALVINSTON, ON, Oct. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — BioLiNE® Gold, an innovative fulvic based product from BioLiNE® Corp. has been approved for CE certification as a biostimulant under the new EU regulations. BioLiNE® Gold joins a small handful of biostimulant products that have received this certification. BioLiNE® is the first North American humic substance manufacturer to obtain the certification.

These new regulations require efficacy data justifying the product claims for plant biostimulants. BioLiNE® Gold has been certified under PFC 6.B (Non-Microbial Plant Biostimulant) for claims of increasing crop yield on all broadacre crops and improving tolerance to abiotic stress on brassica napus L (canola). Plant biostimulants improve nutrient availability, uptake, or use efficiency, and tolerance to abiotic stress. They often have similar modes of action across all crops and enhance crop growth, development, quality and/or yield. The CE mark ensures growers that the biostimulants they are using are quality products, effective, and safe for the environment.

“This certification process adopted by the E.U. is elevating the standards for products marketed as biostimulants,” said Mohammad Rahbari, EVP Innovation & Sustainability at BioLiNE®, “I want to thank our wonderful team for their great work and dedication to this endeavour. Attaining the CE Mark is a testament of our R&D team’s hard work, diligence, and pursuit of excellence in generating science-based evidence in support of the crop benefits of our technology.”

The EU Fertilising Products Regulation 2019/1009 (FPR) came into effect on July 16, 2022. The CEN Standards 17700 provide rigorous specifications for the data requirements in support of a biostimulant efficacy claim. To attain the certificate, plant biostimulants are deemed to have met not only the EU safety, health, and environmental protection requirements, but also prove effectiveness in obtaining the benefits claimed on the labels through agronomic efficacy trials. These efficacy trials must be planned and executed using scientifically recognized methods by researchers with the expertise necessary to meet requirements outlined in the CEN standards.

“Attaining this certificate is a huge milestone for BioLiNE®. Our products are science-based solutions that are effective at improving crop production in times of unfavourable environmental conditions. I am proud of the accomplishment the team has been able to achieve.” said Ray McDonald, Owner and President of BioLiNE® Corporation.

BioLiNE® Corp. is a Canadian technology development company that is focused on science-based solutions that improve the sustainability of food production. Our biostimulants are a simple, effective, and affordable tool to support crop development from seed to harvest. Supplementing crop production with our technology help growers improve yields, maximize inputs, and sustain healthy soils. Our superior fulvic acid based biostimulants are helping growers improve margins and manage the risk posed to their crops by environmental stress factors such as heat and drought. We use our innovative Fulv-IQ® process to isolate targeted fractions of fulvic acids and amplify the most crop-beneficial properties of these naturally formed organic acids. Our BioLiNE® solutions offer customers low use rates and optimum flexibility with the option to be added as an ingredient to formulate fertilizers, tank-mixed with herbicides or fungicides, impregnated onto dry fertilizers, or applied as an ingredient in seed treatment.

For more information on working with BioLiNE products in North America or Europe, please contact us at Mohammad Rahbari, EVP Innovation &Sustainability –
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SOURCE BioLiNE Corporation