Bizz Energy Clears Minds and Sharpens Focus

The Clean, Zero-Sugar Energy Drink Is Good For More Than Just Physical Performance. It Boosts Brain Function, Too.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Bizz Energy is a revolutionary new zero-sugar energy drink designed to boost performance through natural ingredients without the use of harmful chemicals or additives. While this is primarily focused on physical activities, the energy supplement’s ingredients can also deliver some helpful benefits for the brain.

“I designed Bizz Energy to clear my mind as well as boost my physical performance,” explains company founder Gavin Jacono. “Sometimes you need to do more than run faster, lift more, or stay awake longer. Sometimes you need that sharp focus that helps you deliver at work or in school.”

Bizz Energy helps with cognitive function through multiple natural ingredients. For instance, creatine is a safe brain and body amino acid that has been connected to short-term memory improvement when administered orally. L-citrulline has clearly demonstrated benefits for brain function, as well. L-Theanine relieves stress disorders, improves mood, and helps with sleep.

Another ingredient with the potential to help with cognition is Turkesterone. While this popular supplement is currently trending in the sports and fitness world for its physical benefits, there are also suggestions that it could aid mental health by helping cope with stress and fatigue.

“Including Turkesterone was a big deal for us,” says Jacono. “I knew we wanted it in there, but it’s a plant-based steroid, so it isn’t water-soluble. We invested in extensive research and testing and were able to develop a method to solubilize Turkesterone — it’s one of the most unique things about our product.”

From carefully selected amino acids to soluble Turkesterone, Bizz Energy is packed with natural ingredients designed to deliver a critical dose of energy when needed. The innovative combination of natural ingredients doesn’t just apply to physical performance, either. It can be a game-changer when it comes to cognitive function, too, helping to sharpen the mind and create clear focus.

About Bizz Energy

Bizz Energy was founded by Gavin Jacono. The fitness and nutrition fanatic hails from New York City and is obsessed with boxing, weightlifting, and soccer. As an aspiring 17-year-old entrepreneur, Jacono launched Bizz Energy as a way to create the ultimate energy drink he had always wanted to fuel his athletic pursuits. Along with a potent dose of caffeine, the Bizz Energy formula taps into a unique form of soluble Turkesterone. It is delicious, clean, and effective. Learn more at

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