Black Culture T-shirts Company Adds African Pride Shirts & Hats That Uses Thought Provoking Words to Promote Black Excellence

Black Pride Clothing Company Adds African Pride Shirts & Hats That Celebrate the Motherland Through Style & Positive Expression

It is more important now than ever for us to show more African and Caribbean Pride. Lex Pyerse adds to their powerful black culture shirts with African and Caribbean inspired apparel that uses eye-catching & thought-provoking words & images that celebrates African and promotes individuality. 

LOS ANGELES, May 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lex Pyerse Clothing announced this week the launch of several African and Caribbean inspired apparel that is meant to empower African and Caribbeans through freedom of expression. Lex Pyerse Clothing uses motivating word clusters for their shirts and hoodies and matches them with embroidered hats to showcase the powerful Pan-African message. Currently, the countries represented in this new line of apparel are Ghana, Mozambique, Nigeria, Jamaica, Seychelles, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Barbados with more scheduled to come soon.

Lex Pyerse Clothing, founded in 2019, is a pro-black apparel company that always focuses on Black pride clothing and inspirational word clusters. The addition to the new African and Caribbean inspired word cluster shirts and designs help prove that this company is serious about expressing Blackness of all types. The Lex Pyerse website sells African American inspired t-shirts, sports bras, leggings, and hoodies for men, women, and children of all ages. Their hats have affirmations without the word cluster.

During a recent sale, a happy customer said, "I love my Haitian flag hat. Great embroidery and fits perfectly." A second customer at the same sale said, "My Ghanaian hoodie is the perfect morning affirmation and powerful statement for my day."

Pyerse Dandridge, the founder of Lex Pyerse Clothing was quoted as saying, "As a Black American, I think it’s important that we show a connection between Blacks in America and other Blacks throughout the diaspora. I hope our products show my appreciation for their heritage and culture as well as show the same pride Blacks have with their individual cultures and country."

To learn more about Lex Pyerse Clothings’ exciting movement or to purchase their apparel, visit their official website at

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