Black-Owned Company Develops “Hidden Diversity” Greeting Cards to Address Overlooked Consumer Market of the Cultural “In-between”

FORT COLLINS, Colo., Nov. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hidden Diversity Greetings was created to focus on inclusion that a culturally fluid audience is not used to seeing. The greeting card line was developed by Culturs global multicultural lifestyle network, which activates 21st century diversity by creating media, products and experiences that embrace hidden diversity. A certified black-owned business with a social mission, Culturs focuses on “in-between” cultural populations, including multiethnic, multicultural, mixed-race and geographically mobile (like immigrants, refugees and Third Culture Kids) with a focus on people of color – because everyone should feel like they matter.

Culturs Art Director, Diana Vega, felt especially nurtured by the project while repatriating to her homeland of Merida, Mexico after obtaining a Masters Degree at Colorado State University. She designed the cards using her personal experiences and that of the company’s multicultural audience, and its team of cross-cultural staff that span 17 countries. “Being Cross Cultural is to be divided in many places,” she said. So she created a card that embodies this and shows an individual with the brown skin she’s used to seeing in her homeland standing in between mountain and sea, which represent the mountains of Colorado and the beaches of the Yucatan.

The entire line is colorful and vibrant, uplifting both giver and receiver, while extolling the virtues of varied cultural concepts. Vega’s favorite part of the line is “The Universal Language of Food,” which celebrates cultural favorites like samosas from India, Ghanian FuFu and Tacos Al Pastor from central Mexico. Other cards include the “definition series,” with words like HIRAETH: A Welsh word for “a feeling of longing for a home that no longer exists or never was.” Or “Global Soul,” which visualizes a quote from author Pico Iyer defining “A person who has grown up in many cultures all at once — and so lived in the cracks between them.” Many of the definitions come from Aldine’s decades of research in culturally fluid populations, which also were featured in a university level class she developed and taught for almost a decade.

The cards are as visually stimulating and diverse with the people they depict, as they are in their messaging — something that is still lacking in many greeting card lines. Hidden Diversity greetings are cards and journals with messages from the “in-between” cultural community addressing times when words aren’t enough, and friends and family just might not know how to approach. In cases like these, the cards to the talking and the sentiments hit the spot.

The line is printed in the United States on high-quality post-consumer recycled paper. They retail for $7.99 each or $34.99 for a set of five. Find them at


Culture Marketplace is part of the Culturs Global Multicultural Lifestyle Network, which uses media, products and experiences to activate 21st Century Cultural Diversity. The brand caters to those “in-between ” culture – multiethnic, multicultural, mixed-race and geographically mobile persons (like immigrants, refugees and Third Culture Kids) with a focus on people of color– because everyone should feel like they matter. Culturs is a certified Black-owned business. Learn more at

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