Black Tulip Flowers Leading the Way with Eco-Friendly Practices in the Floral Industry, Awards and Partnerships

Black Tulip Flowers shares how they are inspiring eco-friendly practices for sustainable growth of the floriculture industry.

DUBAI, UAE, June 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The floral industry is booming across the region with favourable trade policies and increase in consumer demand. Flowers grown in one country can be shipped across the world via air freight and delivered to customers almost the next day.

Black Tulip Flowers is one of the largest floral companies in the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia, with 30+ years of experience in growing, export, import, retail and wholesale of fresh flowers in the region. They are capable of supplying 2900+ tonnes of fresh cut flowers annually, sourced directly from their own 14 farms spread across 1800+ acres in 2 countries (Kenya and Ethiopia), and over 100 contract farming entities in more than 25 countries.

Black Tulip Flowers has taken the initiative to lead the way in implementation of eco-friendly practices that not only safeguards the environment but also supports local economies.

As part of this initiative, they have partnered with MPS, an organization that is making the global horticulture sector more sustainable. This partnership ensures their sustainability efforts are transparent, measurable and demonstrable. Black Tulip Flowers has also become an elite partner of the HortiFootprint Calculator project, jointly initiated by MPS and LetsGrow, to empower growers with data to identify and implement sustainable processes.

Black Tulip Flowers is also Euro GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) and Global GAP certified, which means they are compliant to internationally recognized standards for farm production. They are also certified and compliant to FairTrade and Rainforest Alliance regulations. These certifications regulate sustainable social, economic and environmental aspects of production, while making sure the farmers and worker get a fair deal for their produce, and that the workers’ rights are prioritized.

As a testament to their unwavering effort towards promoting eco-friendly practices, Black Tulip Flowers has been honoured with the prestigious “SILVER CLIENT AWARD for 2022” by the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE) which recognizes their commitment towards environmental sustainability.

“We believe in sustainable growth and that eco-friendly practices are going to play a huge role in advancement of the industry. We have been able to increase our production capabilities while implementing such practices in our operations.”
– Mr. Imran Khan, Director, Black Tulip Flowers

Black Tulip Flowers has also participated in the latest IFTEX (International Flower Trade Expo) event in Nairobi, Kenya, that hosts leading flower growers from around the world. This participation has been a great success to forward their concept of global outreach while promoting environmentalism. If you are a flower lover then their collection of rose bouquets is worth checking out. They are confident that they will continue to innovate and advance the floral industry through environmental sustainability.

Mr. Imran Khan, Director.
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