Bobby Borisov Launches a Winning Formula Through LifeHouse, an eCommerce Retailer

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Aug. 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — According to Adobe Analytics, online sales went up by 76% in June 2020. This is a clear manifestation of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on humans. Lives, properties, and businesses have seen remarkable turns in fortune. Some negative, others positive.

A perfect reflection of the current status-quo is evident as brick and mortar stores close down, while online retailers are swarmed with sales. By June 2020, total online sales reached $73.2 billion within the US, translating to a 76.2% increase compared to $41.5 billion in 2019. Experts maintain that the stats are not at all surprising as consumers continue to work from home, and more students than ever are studying from home. It would be shocking if demand wasn’t up.

LifeHouse, an eCommerce establishment with a keenness for homely interior products, is optimistic about the current situation. The group enjoins similar vendors within their industry to take advantage of the increased demand for comfort and positive energy around homes. With people spending more time in their homes, it makes sense that they would want to be comfortable. LifeHouse is not only looking to make some money, but also contribute to this demand for comfort by churning out relatable household items that will ensure calm and happiness in these times.

Through a spokesperson, the company said, “We understand people’s relationships with their homes, and we deliver tailored solutions with a keen eye for eco-friendly and evergreen designs in home products, and at affordable prices too.

Being a startup, LifeHouse has pointed to the economic numbers and projections as a guide for their foray into eCommerce.

With recording a remarkable increase in sales for dumbbells and home-friendly gym apparatus, it is another indication that people are trying to be comfortable in their homes.  According to data from eBay, sales of dumbbells on the platform increased by 1,980% between March and April compared to a year earlier. Predictably, other fitness products have also been in high demand. When combined they amass a whopping 500% increase in sales between March and April.  Kettlebells (1,000%), pull up bars (640%), and weight benches (530%).

LifeHouse has just launched its crowdfunding rounds to get the new venture off the ground. While it is open to anyone to invest in, it is expected to close soon. LifeHouse has sited that the campaign has attracted many interested parties looking to be part of the company’s growth. As regards keen investors, Bobby Borisov, co-founder at LifeHouse, has indicated that he has no preference between Main Street and Wall Street investors. He said, “everyone is welcome to be a part of LifeHouse“.

With a totally unique approach to eCommerce, the group at LifeHouse is adamant that they might have no competitors to look out for in the early stages.

Bobby Borisov made this clear when he said, “We believe that we understand our business model better than any potential competitor. We are offering the customers a unique shopping experience. Our innovative online store is featuring high-quality and affordable products for homes. We have a passion for life at home, our company culture is built upon enthusiasm, trust, passion, and a ‘do it now’ attitude.

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