Bookwish Launches Personalized Book Matchmaking Service

Bookwish Offers Personalized Monthly Book Selections, An Exclusive Online Book Club, And Brings the Magic of Reading to Your Home Every Month

NEW YORK, July 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Bookwish today announced the launch of its revolutionary new book matchmaking platform, which delivers a newly released surprise title to members each month based on their individual reading preferences. The service aims to transform the way readers of all ages, from middle-grade chapter book to YA and adults discover books online and is on a mission to bring the “magic” of reading to homes around the world.

“Our first advertisement features a book-wish granting Fairy Bookmother, who matches an entire family with books and conjures the covers to life right in front of their eyes,” says Victoria Korenova, founder of Bookwish. “This reflects what we hope to accomplish for all readers, even if they’ve had a hard time finding something they resonate with in the past, by working real-life matchmaking magic.”

Say goodbye to endlessly scrolling through reviews searching for your next read. After creating a personalized reading profile and filling in information like favorite genre and topics of interest, members can make a “book wish” by choosing 1 of 3 secret book synopses to be sent to their home, which will remain a surprise until opened. Whether you wish for an adrenaline-fueled adventure, a page-turning thriller, heartwarming romance, or anything in between, a match with your perfect literary companion is all but guaranteed.

In addition to matchmaking, key features include:

Curated Monthly Selections

Monthly book selections are specially curated from our database of unreleased books which are thoroughly researched and beta-tested beforehand, so members can rest assured the book they get has been received well by the public before it reaches their doorstep.

Age-Specific Subscription Plans

Subscription plans are currently available for adults, young adults and kids (middle-grade chapter book readers) and are priced between $19.99 to $26.99 respectively, with discounts applied to any subscription with a duration of 3 months or longer.

Exclusive Online Book Club

Members in each age category have the option of joining an online book club, where they can find community with fellow readers and share their thoughts on all things bookish and Bookwish.

About Bookwish

Bookwish is an online book subscription service with a focus on matchmaking readers of all ages with the perfect books for them. Recommendations are personalized from information members provide such as favorite genre, and conveniently shipped to their doorstep monthly. Its exclusive online community allows book lovers from all around the world to come together and share their love of literature. For more information about Bookwish, go to or follow us on social media @bookwish.

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