Bosom Besties Rebrands as Fit Finder AI and Files IP Protection While ThirdLove Upgrades Its Quiz

SALT LAKE CITY, May 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Fit Finder AI, an emerging apparel artificial intelligence company, is poised to augment the retail sector by innovating product discovery and fit, while decreasing returns for its customers.

Fit Finder AI has been busy building a robust database of products, consumer measurement data and machine learning algorithms to provide the best possible size and product recommendations.   All of the company’s historical consumer data is based on actual fittings performed by Courtney Killpack, CEO and Co-founder. “Fit Finder AI stands alone in this space; we’ve measured tens of thousands of women and aggregated all the data points ourselves. Our algorithms are constantly improving as we take measurements daily,” says Killpack.

The company does not rely on third party data nor does it purchase data sets to power its machine learning.

The advancements in AI-based fit technology will be critical to the future of off and online retail. Covid has increased online sales dramatically, but customers have the same concerns, “Will it fit?”

The Fit Finder Calculator shrinks the find-buy cycle, enhances the customer experience, reduces returns and decreases customer service costs.  Fit Finder AI intends to add multiple apparel categories to its portfolio of algorithms. The company offered a snapshot of their existing customer success:

  • Reduced return by 8.45%
  • Increased sales by 18.6%
  • Increased conversion rate by 2.36%
  • Increase average order value by $18.37
  • Decreased customer service cost by 57%

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SOURCE Fit Finder AI