Boundless Hydrogen Water is Available on Amazon

The Australian Hydrogen Water Brand Has Officially Entered the United States Health and Wellness Market

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. and SYDNEY, March 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hydrogen water has been a growing health and wellness phenomenon in the Pacific for years now. Japan, in particular, has functioned as the epicenter of the elegantly simple new health movement for decades, ever since it spiked in popularity in the 1960s. From drinks to baths, pre-packaged options to home infusions, hydrogen water has been an exciting aspect of healthy living in the Land of the Rising Sun for quite a while.

In more recent years, the hydrogen water concept has started to spread overseas, including in Australia. It’s there that one brand, in particular, has taken center stage as the Aussie’s first and premier provider of the beverage: Boundless Hydrogen Water.

“Boundless has been bottling hydrogen-infused water for Australians for years,” explains company CEO David Goo, “Our goal from day one was to bring together the Japanese health concept and impeccable Australian manufacturing methods to create affordable cans of hydrogen water that anyone can access,” Goo adds the fun fact that all Boundless cans are 100% recyclable and they use green hydrogen to ensure that the brand is operating sustainably. “We also are the first to use our innovative, non-chemical mixing method,” the CEO continues, “We use sonic vibrations to combine the hydrogen gas without the need for electrolysis, which most of our competitors use.”

This multi-faceted commitment to sustainability, quality, affordability, and bleeding-edge technology has put Boundless on the map in the Land Down Under. The brand is a hot commodity and even functions as the official water partner of the South Sydney Rabbitohs rugby team.

After a successful rise to fame in its native country, Boundless has spent the last few months preparing to enter the U.S. marketplace, where a thirsty health and wellness crowd is ready to welcome them with open arms. “Hydrogen water has so much potential as a health and healing tool,” says Goo, “We want as many people to have access to quality hydrogen water as possible, starting here in Australia and now in America, too.”

To begin its campaign to better hydrate Americans, Boundless has officially made its products available on the world’s top e-commerce platform, Amazon. The brand has listed all three of its flagship hydrogen water products in both 4-pack and 24-pack quantities, including:

  • Boundless Sport Antioxidant Hydrogen Water (4-pack and 24-pack)
  • Boundless Kids Antioxidant Hydrogen Water (4-pack and 24-pack)
  • Boundless Detox Antioxidant Hydrogen Water (4-pack and 24-pack)

“We’re excited to bring our products across the Pacific,” remarks Goo, “Hydrogen water is the future, and we want health-conscious Americans to enjoy its benefits in the same way that Japanese and Australian folks have been doing for years. Now, thanks to our listing on Amazon, that hope has become a reality.”

About Boundless

Boundless Hydrogen Water was created by a research team led by Dr. Jeffery Son as a natural, comprehensive solution for his daughter’s eczema. The product was successful, not just for topical skin but for various general health benefits. The Brand is established as a market leader through the development of the company’s unique, non-chemical, Australian manufacturing method, and its founding team has worked tirelessly to share its hydrogen water with the world ever since. Boundless is backed by both science and continuous research and operates with the mission of using technology to unlock human potential and create the future of beverages. Learn more at

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