Brain Tumor Survivor, Jodi Orgill Brown, Available as Expert Media Guest for May Brain Tumor Awareness Month

OGDEN, Utah, April 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month, and Jodi Orgill Brown, a brain tumor survivor and award-winning author of the book, “The Sun Still Shines: How a Brain Tumor Helped Me See the Light,” is excited to share facts, tips, and inspiration as an expert media guest to speak on the topic.

Brown shares her inspiring and resilient story of overcoming a brain tumor diagnosis, the accompanying 15 surgeries, and now living with facial paralysis, on stages, podcasts, books, and YouTube. Her personal “one-in-a-million” experience of fighting to survive has touched the hearts of readers and audiences worldwide, and makes her an ideal guest for media outlets looking for coverage of this important topic during Brain Tumor Awareness Month.

During her media appearances, Brown can share important brain tumor facts, health advocacy, as well as provide inspirational content and discuss what it’s like to be a survivor. She can offer insight into the physical and emotional journey of living with a brain tumor and provide practical advice for those on a difficult health journey.

Jodi Orgill Brown is a powerful champion for brain tumor awareness and personal health advocacy, and she is an inspiration to many,” said Amanda Tullis, VP Economic Development at Davis Technical College. “She shares an incredible perspective on overcoming hardship, resilience, and keeping positivity at the forefront. Her expertise and personal experience make her an ideal guest for media outlets looking to raise awareness, educate, and inspire their audience.”

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About Jodi Orgill Brown:

Jodi Orgill Brown, MS, CFRE, is a brain tumor survivor, resilience expert, award-winning professional speaker, business coach, and author of the Amazon Prime Reading Pick, “The Sun Still Shines.” Her journey with a brain tumor began in 2009 and she has since inspired thousands of people around the world to make every interaction count and to grow stronger through struggles. Brown is a sought-after speaker and offers practical advice, information, and inspiration for brain tumor awareness, health advocacy, and resilience.

Jodi Brown

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