Brightly and Peanuts® Release Capsule Collection of Sustainable Swaps for Earth Month

SEATTLE, April 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Brightly, the #1 destination for conscious consumers, which reaches over 45M people every month through a media platform that features content, community, and brand recommendations, has partnered with Peanuts to launch a capsule collection of sustainable products that reduce waste and save money during Earth Month and beyond.

The Brightly x Take Care with Peanuts Collection includes sustainable swaps for everyday items in our homes, including Snoopy dryer balls, biodegradable character pop-up sponges, and reusable bowl covers that feature merit badges to commemorate small eco wins—including eating your leftovers, picking up litter, and taking a speedy shower.

As recent findings have shown, 60% of greenhouse gas emissions come from household use. Rethinking the products you’re using in your daily routine is a great place to start on your sustainability journey. “The data shows that individual actions do matter, and they add up to a significant positive impact on the planet,” says Laura Wittig, Founder and CEO of Brightly. “We’re thrilled that Peanuts has made a commitment to bettering the world through their Take Care with Peanuts campaign, and Brightly is proud to collaborate on it with them.”

“We came up with Take Care with Peanuts in 2019,” says Melissa Menta, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Peanuts Worldwide. “It really stemmed from our partners like [Brightly] and our partners around the world, and saying that we needed to be more mindful. And we also really needed to do something about the environment.”

The Brightly x Take Care with Peanuts Collection is now available to shop at Here’s how these items can help reduce waste in your home:

  • Brightly x Peanuts Dryer Balls: Say goodbye to dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners—and all the plastic and waste that comes along with them. These dryer balls are reusable for over 1,000 loads, save energy by reducing drying time by up to 40%, and naturally soften your laundry, combat wrinkles, and reduce static.
  • Brightly x Peanuts Pop-Up Sponges: Skip traditional plastic-based, store-bought sponges for this biodegradable eco-alternative. Made with high-quality cellulose, they expand with water and can be composted at the end of their life.
  • Brightly x Peanuts Swedish Dishcloth Greeting Card (Wishcloth™): Most greeting cards end up in one place: the trash. A Wishcloth fuses the principles of a classic Swedish Dishcloth with the timeless whimsy of a greeting card. After enjoying the card, it can be used as a reusable dishcloth then composted at the end of its life. Each card replaces 17 rolls of paper towels.
  • Brightly x Peanuts Reusable Bowl Covers: Store your leftovers with care—sans the plastic wrap and aluminum foil—with a reusable bowl cover. Each cover features an adjustable cord that fits multiple sizes, is machine-washable for easy cleaning, and is completely waterproof.
  • Brightly x Peanuts Long-Sleeve Recycled Plastic Bib: This long-sleeve bib doesn’t just keep your kiddo clean during mealtime, arts and crafts hour, and more. It’s also made from recycled plastic bottles, machine washable, and stain resistant.

To shop the Brightly x Take Care with Peanuts Collection, visit

Kendall Harris


SOURCE Brightly