Card Integrity Offers TrainingWISE Service for Organizations Looking to Implement Cardholder Training

The TrainingWISE is designed to train employees on proper use of Procurement Cards, Travel Cards, P-Cards, and similar corporate credit cards.

OAK BROOK, Ill., Nov. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Card Integrity announced its TrainingWISE service for managers and card administrators at universities, higher education institutions, government administrations, and corporations that use Procurement Cards (“P-Cards”). The service implements interactive online courses that are tailored to the client’s specific policy. These online courses are then taken by employees of the organization as a requisite to being issued a P-Card.

Cardholder training is designed as a method of fraud control to encourage understanding of an organization’s procurement policy. The TrainingWISE service uses what are known as “adult learning principles,” such as providing motivation and accountability, including relevant content, providing context of purchasing situations, and setting goals for participants. The training is also designed to be interactive, immersive, scenario-based and comes with ongoing updates and support.

“We aim to elevate the importance of compliance by creating interactive courses to engage cardholders on clients’ specific policy needs,” said Anita Hindsley, Director of Training at Card Integrity. “Our team of digital, forensic, and creative experts transform policy training into a powerful and well-maintained resource for card programs, ensuring program confidence.”

To learn more about TrainingWISE, visit this link.

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