Cardknox Expands Support for Unattended Retail With New ID TECH Device Integrations

HOWELL, N.J., Jan. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cardknox, a leading developer-friendly omnichannel payment gateway, today announced its expanded support for unattended retail by integrating with the VP6300 and the VP6800, two self-service payment terminals developed by ID TECH, a global leader in payment peripherals. With the growing demand for cashless and contactless payment options, self-service payment terminals offer merchants increased opportunities to capture sales while providing consumers with a frictionless payment experience. Cardknox’s growing portfolio of unattended retail solutions support traditional kiosk and vending machine transactions and open the door to non-traditional offerings such as electronics vending, attraction ticketing, car purchases, parking facilities, public transportation, and more.

Research from suggests that the unattended market could grow by as much as 70% if consumers who sought to make self-service purchases had access to them—representing a considerable opportunity for unattended retail merchants to expand their customer bases. Furthermore, 38% of consumers who made their most recent purchases from unattended channels would like to use them to shop for non-traditional vending products. 

Besides catering to growing customer interest, the usage of unattended devices also helps merchants to expand operating hours while minimizing costs. The capability to conduct business without staff allows operations to run late into the night or on holidays—presenting merchants with the opportunity to automate purchases and make sales outside of regular business hours.

The ID TECH VP6300 and VP6800 are seamlessly integrated with the Cardknox payment gateway, and offer merchants an all-in-one solution with the capability to:

  • Accept multiple payment types: Both devices support magnetic stripe, EMV chip and contactless cards, and NFC mobile payments.
  • Enhance usability with an intuitive, attractive interface: An integrated display guides customers to tap, insert, or swipe to complete their transaction.
  • Operate indoors or outdoors: Built with durability in mind, the VP6300 and VP6800 are equipped to handle extreme heat or cold.
  • Choose from flexible hardware options: Merchants can select the VP6300, featuring all the essential requirements for payments, or utilize the VP6800’s expanded feature set including a larger display for video advertising, an optional camera, and support for all cardholder verification methods.
  • Quickly generate reports: Choose from standard reporting or create custom reports using the Cardknox Merchant Portal.
  • Receive in-house technical support: Cardknox clients enjoy white-glove customer service from its U.S.-based support center.

"Unattended payment peripherals are a win-win for merchants and consumers. Consumers can complete cashless transactions around-the-clock while merchants enjoy cost savings and increased revenue. We look forward to seeing how our merchants choose to implement these latest additions to our collection of unattended devices," said Mark Paley, Cardknox’s Vice President of Sales. 

Cardknox offers a full suite of payment solutions for in-store, e-commerce, unattended, and mobile processing, with support for a variety of payment methods. Merchants and developers alike choose Cardknox for its cutting-edge technology, white-glove customer service, and competitive rates.

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