Carrying Your Board Game Collection is as Easy as ABC Thanks to PLEI’s Adjustable Boardgame Backpack

LONDON, Oct. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Designers PLEI, hope to continue their unbroken run of success with their latest crowdfunding project the ABC Adjustable Boardgame Backpack.

"We love board games in the office and even have a regular board game night, but we always end up playing the same games because board games are pretty bulky. So, being a design company, we decided to do something about it. We had innately planned to make a bag capable of carry three games, but then we realized how helpful a mega bag could be. If you’ve even been to a big game’s convention like the UK games EXPO or Essen, or even a hardcore game might, you’ll often see players struggling with huge laundry bags full of games. Well, we figured we could do something about that too." Kelly, PLEI designer

The final product, the ABC Adjustable Boardgame Backpack, is exactly that, a three-in-one bag which can adjusted to carry anywhere between one and ten full sized board games. The bag has three different modes depending on the situation.

Gamesnight – in A mode the ABC Boardgame Backpack is perfect for game night and can carry up to three full size board games.

Weekender – With a quick adjustment the ABC Boardgame Backpack expands into a whopping 68 litre holdall, suitable for up to seven full-size games or expansions and perfect for any shopping spree.

Essen-tial Conventionist – For the hardcore gamer or unconventional conventionists, the ABC Boardgame Backpack also includes a secret additional 28 litre lightweight carry bag, for those times when you need to pick up that Kickstarter and you forgot you went ALL IN!

The ABC Boardgame Backpack Features:

  • Three modes to carry between one and ten full size games
  • Durable construction, a true bag for life
  • Comfortable shoulder straps to spread the weight of your precious cargo
  • Internal organizer with straps to separate your games or create space for a friend’s game
  • External pockets for accessories, dice, expansions or personal effects
  • Water resistant to protect your favourite games

PLEI are poised to launch their ABC Adjustable Boardgame Bag Kickstarter campaign any day now and they’re hoping it’s another win.

If you would like to know more about the ABC Adjustable Boardgame Backpack, the Kickstarter campaign or PLEI in general, please reach out.