Cherlato’s Gelato Truck Unveils New Flavor, ‘Cher’s Mom’s Cheesecake,’ Made with Fresh Arroyo Grande Strawberries

First 50 Fans to Order New Flavor on 8/25 Receive A Complimentary Cherlato T-Shirt

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Cherlato, Los Angeles’ beloved gelato truck known for its delectable, and exquisitely styled gelato, is excited to present its newest flavor addition, ‘Cher’s Mom’s Cheesecake.’ This flavor draws inspiration from Cher’s mother’s authentic recipe, incorporating fresh strawberries from Arroyo Grande. Building on the momentum of its successful launch just a month ago, Cherlato remains committed to crafting delectable gelato offerings.

Celebrated for its signature golden cones featuring Edelweiss Chocolate, Cherlato has captivated gelato aficionados citywide, emphasizing handcrafted quality, edible artistry, and fresh, seasonal ingredients. With “Cher’s Mom’s Cheesecake”, Cherlato aspires to offer even more unique and tempting options for dessert enthusiasts in LA. This new flavor harmoniously melds creamy cheesecake with succulent strawberries, promising a taste that beckons for more.

The incorporation of strawberries from Arroyo Grande is a testament to Cherlato’s commitment to quality. Known for its prime strawberry-growing conditions, Arroyo Grande’s produce is distinctly flavorful. By collaborating with local farmers, Cherlato not only ensures top-notch ingredients but also uplifts the local community.

“We’re proud to announce the addition of ‘Cher’s Mom’s Cheesecake’ to our gelato lineup,” shared Gianpaolo Grazioli, Cherlato’s co-founder and esteemed gelato artisan. “Cher’s mother’s revered recipe offers our customers more than just flavor; it provides an intimate and exclusive taste of Cher’s cherished childhood. With my gelato craftsmanship interwoven, we proudly present a taste that marries both nostalgia and innovation, all in one scoop.”

Available starting today, “Cher’s Mom’s Cheesecake” can be exclusively savored at Cherlato’s gelato truck, located at various iconic LA spots. Apart from this, patrons can relish other flavors like ‘Chocolate XO Cher’ and ‘Breakfast at Cher’s Coffee & Donuts.’

To mark the launch of its newest flavor, Cherlato has a special offer lined up. On Friday, August 25th, the first 50 patrons who visit Cherlato at the Santa Monica Pier and order ‘Cher’s Mom’s Cheesecake’ will be rewarded with a complimentary Cherlato T-shirt. For additional details on Cherlato, its merchandise, or to track its whereabouts, visit or follow @cherlato_gelato on social media.


Co-founded by Cher and esteemed gelato artisan, Giapo Grazioli, Cherlato delivers Angelenos classic Italian-style Gelato with a modern New Zealand spin. Cherlato is a novel taste experience on wheels. This Los Angeles-based gelato truck is committed to delivering the freshest, daily-made, artisan gelato using locally-sourced, regenerative ingredients. Featuring iconic recipes and novel concoctions inspired by Los Angeles culture, every spoonful from Cherlato serves the spirit of innovation, quality and art of gelato in its finest form.

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