CHI Haircare Wins a Good Housekeeping 2021 Beauty Award

HOUSTON, June 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CHI Haircare is proud to announce their CHI Lava Ceramic Hairstyling Iron has won a Good Housekeeping 2021 Beauty Award. Under the “Supreme Hair Helpers” category, CHI Lava is named the “Sleekest Flat Iron,” making it the best flat iron you can buy, tested by Good Housekeeping scientists.

According to the Good Housekeeping (GH) Institute Beauty Lab, “This state-of-the-art speed straightener earned a rare 100 from Lab expert evaluators. It heated up to 96% of its maximum temperature in 60 seconds, and it scored best for fully straightening hair and keeping it frizz-free all day.”

For 2021, the scientists and writers in charge of the awards included Birnur Aral, Ph.D. (Beauty Lab Director), Sabina Wizemann (Beauty Lab Senior Chemist), Danusia Wnek (Beauty Lab Chemist) and April Franzino (Beauty Director). Together, they “follow stringent industry protocols to evaluate beauty products — from face and body skincare to haircare and hair styling, makeup, tools, technology and more—throughout the year.” Using “advanced equipment”, their “objective assessments reveal the best products you can buy, ones that truly deliver.”

As with all of CHI’s Lava Ceramic Tools that have a unique composition of lava minerals, provide healthy heat, keeping your hair safe from the damages of high-temperature styling (hair color is also protected!). Sourced from some of the most effective heat-conducting materials found on earth – volcanic lava combined with the power of CHI ceramic – the lava mineral floating plates produce ions every time the plate is heated, resulting in healthier hair, reduced frizz and amazing shine enhancement in one pass – all without the need to style at high temperature settings.

This innovative combination of lava minerals offers an incredibly smooth styling surface for effortless glide-ability. Minerals found in the volcanic lava even help to strengthen the hair while creating impressively silky and shiny styles. Farouk Systems, Inc. exclusively patents the award-winning CHI Lava technology.


  • Lava mineral composition is made of the elements silicon, oxygen, aluminum, iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, and titanium (plus other elements in very small concentrations).
  • Lava is known to be the best heat conductor in the world, allowing you to use lower heat settings while maintaining consistent heat that does not fluctuate like traditional irons or plates.
  • Lava minerals provide gentle, consistent heat that maintains temperature to allow for one pass styling.
  • Minerals in Lava produce ions every time it is heated, helping to reduce damage to the hair, increase shine, and reduce frizz while offering smooth glide.
  • Lava rocks are extremely durable and strong so plates will not scratch as easily and will last longer.
  • Lava minerals produce more ions than traditional elements used in styling tools.
  • Lower temperatures protect hair color.


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