Cofounder of True Religion, Kym Gold, Hatches Elevated Organization for Style Union Home’s Spring Line

MALIBU, Calif., Feb. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In the seasonal traditions of the fashion world from where Kym Gold spent 30 years creating iconic brands like True Religion, she now brings a Spring line to her new luxury home brand, Style Union Home. The ceramics line that launched this summer will replace current accent colors of Azure and Orange with two dual colors: a cool navy/cream christened as Marine/Blanc, and a dove grey/cream, Slate/Blanc. The classic colorways of Blanc, Noir/Gloss, and Noir/Blanc will continue as seasons unfold, along with SUH’s take on the Pantone Color of the Year, Jaune. The Spring line, with pieces ranging from $30 to $205, will appear at on January 28, 2021.

The line of legacy-worthy ceramic homeware, a hallmark of which are designed with a dual purpose, will continue to build in a room-by-room approach. Spring 2021 will focus on personalized kitchen pieces, chic food storage and other outside-the-kitchen accessories:

Elevated organization for the kitchen to personalize:

  • Bessie Bottle: Vintage-shaped bottles etched to denote drink-type
  • Bettie Dish: A round dish with tab-shaped lid handle
  • Cindy Bag: A ceramic crumpled “bag” canister for snacks
  • Julie Jar: A fabulously large and knob-lidded jar
  • Sue Bag: A small ceramic crumpled “bag” to for dips
  • Steph Canister: A canister for yummy bites with an off-center tab-shaped lid

Other elevated organization for the kitchen:

  • Berri Colander: A small single-handled colander
  • Esther Egg Tray: Egg crates with organic divots to hold 2, 7 or 13 eggs
  • Gracie Pitcher: Simple pitcher with SUH signature pinch that doubles as a vase
  • Lucy and Ethel Salt & Pepper: Egg-shaped S&P shakers
  • Neena Colander: Large double-handled colander
  • Nillie Napkin Rings: 3 small raw ceramic links as an elegant napkin ring
  • Simon Cup: Handless mug for tea-time or tea ceremonies

Outside the Kitchen:

  • Penny Pinch Bowl: To hold pennies, rings, paper clips or a pinch of anything
  • Amanda Holder: Letter, taco, toast holder; anything holder
  • Elsie Bookends: Amorphic bookends with hollowed bellies and a pinhole atop to thread a flower stem
  • Izzy Incense Holder: Holder for palo santo or incense sticks
  • Willem Vase: A unique vase that lays on its belly and comes in different sizes

“Like fashion does 4 times a year, our seasonal shift is happening at Style Union Home,” said Founder/Designer, Kym Gold. “The feel of the Spring line is light and airy with our highly customized glazes, adaptations of navies, greys and creams. For the refrigerator pieces, the idea is to wash, save, serve. The office pieces are all interesting shapes, architectural, functional, but most importantly so substantial. They are designed to be home pieces that are passed down from generation to generation.”

Brought to the table in 2020 by the Cofounder of True Religion Apparel, fashion powerhouse Kym Gold, it all started when she couldn’t find a bowl. Not just any bowl, but a beautiful bowl – this humble vessel inspired the creation of Style Union Home (SUH). SUH brings luxury fashion to the home in the shape of substantially-designed ceramic tableware and decorative accessories. Organically-inspired designs are brought to life by Gold and then hand-crafted by master ceramicists, one piece at a time. Style Union Home is handmade in LA; a classic brand with just the right amount of edge.

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