Consumer Product Events Offers Up Recommendations for Mother’s and Father’s Day Gift Guides, Product Rounds Ups and Reviews

Cheeky Male Must Haves, Graffiti-esque AI-Designed Hoodies, Beverages that Match Your Outfit, American Craft Pasta, A Doctor Incubator, Athletic Shoes from an Olympian, Multi-Generation Clipper Makers Who Pay-it-Forward

MALIBU, Calif., March 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As Mom’s and Dad’s Days approach on May 14 and June 18, 2023, respectively, Consumer Product Events, the premier matchmaker for products and press, presents their favorite products for consideration by reporters, bloggers, producers, and influencers planning gift guides and product roundups and reviews. Our recommendations include:

Andis Company  – 4th-generation clipper makers who pay it forward, the inFORM electric shaver comes packed with power, an ergonomic shape, lightweight design, rubber grip and dual hypoallergenic titanium foils hug contours.

Christian Scillian |

DUDE Wipes – A male hygiene brand that has declared war on toilet paper and wiped over a billion butts, DUDE Wipes launched on Shark Tank to become the fastest growing flushable wipe in the world. 

Ryan Meegan |

Edible – Edible® offers sweet gifts for Mom: hand-dipped gourmet chocolate-covered strawberries, fruit baskets, fresh assorted flowers and for Dads, adorably funny chocolate-covered pineapple mustaches added to its premium gift sets.

Kaitlyn Ianiro |

Etto  – Brian & Stephie Terrizi of Giornata Wines produce their pure Etto Pastificio American craft pasta. Etto uses only organically farmed American grains extruded through traditional bronze dies from Italy.

Dan Fredman |

Gorgie – A clean and fashionable energy beverage with nutritional benefits was created by a former Victoria’s Secret executive and was launched through a towering TikTok audience, with chic aluminum packaging and said to be a beverage accessory that matches one’s outfit.

Jackie Stauffer |

GoSun – is an innovative manufacturer of solar and eco-friendly products and appliances. The Apple-esque design worthy fork and spoon / knife set is a sleekly designed stainless on-the-go food utensil kit.

Gary Starr |

MacroLife Naturals – a legacy brand that helped to start the superfood category 25 years ago, they are known for award-winning, delicious, and nutrient packed greens and fruit-based superfood powders.

JR Ortiz-Dave |

SingleTree Lane – is a line of brightly eclectic, graffiti-esqe designs, 50 of which are highly colorful AI-assisted design hoodies, designed by Anita Davenport.

Anita Davenport |

The Secret Nature of Fruit® – are Fruit-Powered Vitamin Chews powered by Dole Packaged Foods, a sustainably crafted line of functional supplements that harness the hidden secrets of fruit to deliver nutrients.

Peppercomm |

TYR CXT-1 Footwear powered from the ground up, an official partner of USA Swimming and Diving and boasts a multi-medaled list of Olympians, pro athletes, fitness stars, and CrossFit® champion clients.  

Amanda Gill |

Z. Cioccolato – from San Francisco’s beloved sweet shop ranked by MSN as one of the top 25 of all shops in the U.S., Z. Cioccolato brings multi-layered gourmet fudge to the rest of the world.

Mike Zwiefelhofer |

1MD Nutrition – is a physician incubator that develops health supplements with short and scientifically researched ingredient sets that are formulated in clinically effective doses.

Kathleen Gonzales |

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