Consumers Name High Integrity Nutritional Supplement Company 1MD’s Clinical Dose and Physician-Developed CardioFitMD® As “Best New Powdered Health Supplement” for Newsweek Magazine’s Best New Product Awards 2023

Doctor-Formulated Superfood Drink with Potent Daily Dose of Micronutrients, Beetroot, Fiber, Pre- and Probiotics for Cardiovascular and Whole Body Health Beets Out the Competition in Survey of 10,750 Consumer Users

IRVINE, Calif., April 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The physician incubator for the formulation of clinical-dosage natural supplements developed only from scientifically studied ingredients, 1MD’s CardioFitMD® has been named “Best New Powdered Health Supplement” by consumers in Newsweek Magazine. In the magazine’s 15th annual “America’s Best New Products” report that calculates appeal ratings of over 10,000 category shoppers and product superiority ratings from real buyers of the product, CardioFitMD® was named #1.  Winners were based on verified users of the products and the consumers identified these products as ones they would spend their money on again. The rules of the program stipulate that no manufacturer can ‘buy’ a win, the brand names are meaningful to consumers and all voters are verified purchasers of the specific category in order to vote.

Interventional cardiologist Dr. Heather Shenkman, who developed the powdered beet root-forward superfood and micronutrient powder supplement said: “While I am trained to perform complex heart procedures, I prefer to help patients promote heart health and reduce the risk of heart disease with lifestyle, including nutrient-driven therapies. My passion is to help people to improve their quality of life through a preventative care approach. In cardiology, there is clearly a role for medications but I saw a greater need for a holistic approach to accompany standard medical care.  My strong desire to help others promote a healthy heart through a more integrative approach to health care is what drives my journey through medicine and brought me to partner with 1MD Nutrition™. Personally, I am a vegan and an athlete who practices what I preach. The fact that a large number of customers expressed their personal experience with this product means so much to me. I love developing products with 1MD because they are the only company I could find that focuses on science, clinically studied ingredients and most importantly, in clinical dosages.”

CardioFitMD™ is a daily superfood beverage for complete heart, circulatory, metabolism, digestive, and nutritional support. With a potent daily dose of beetroot, a broad-spectrum fiber and prebiotics blend, Bacillus coagulans probiotic, and 20 key letter vitamins and minerals, CardioFitMD™ is a great-tasting, nutrient-rich drink to help maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

ABOUT:  1MD Nutrition is a physician incubator that develops health supplements formulated with clinically effective doses and short, clean and scientifically researched ingredient sets. All products are made in facilities that abide by GMP standards and are NSF and/or SQF-Certified. 1MD Nutrition’s doctors include a gastroenterologist, interventional cardiologist, rheumatologist, urologist, allergist and immunologist whose probiotics, digestive enzymes, joint, bone, eye, prostate, heart support and immune system boosters have been offered exclusively online since 2015. 1MD Nutrition is known for its superlative choices of ingredients that have been rigorously proven in clinical trials and meet Good Manufacturing Practices. The company has over 1 million clients including celebrities, Olympic, and professional athletes from the NBA and NFL.

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