Consumers Seek Out Puzzles and Games as Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

NEW YORK, Dec. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Early sales for the holiday season show that puzzles and board games remain one of the hottest products to purchase during the 2021 holiday season. That’s according to lifestyle expert Amanda Mushro who offers the following insight when it comes to looking for the perfect gift for a loved one.

"Puzzles and games remain one of the most coveted products as holiday gifts and with good reason," notes Mushro. "People enjoy the play value and opportunity to have fun playing with friends and family and we are seeing that Supersized Puzzles and Games that have an edge are two products that continue to sell well, "she notes.

New puzzles that are selling well include a new line of licensed Supersized and Mini Puzzles from YWOW Brands and includes:

SuperSized Kool-Aid Puzzles!
Featuring a giant Kool-Aid puzzle, that is 20 inches by 27 inches with a precision cut that ensures a tight, interlocking heirloom-quality puzzle. YWOW Puzzles utilizes 100% recycled puzzle board materials. This puzzle will have you ending up with a fun and unique picture, and the best part, they look like your favorite food! MSRP $14.99 Available now on Amazon.

SuperSized Pringles Puzzles!
Supersized Pringles Puzzles are the perfect gift for Pringles lovers and jigsaw puzzle lovers. These puzzles use high-resolution images of real Pringles, and the packaging opens like a Pringles tube! This fun, silly, and challenging game will sure be a crowd favorite.  MSRP $14.99 Available now on Amazon.

Both SuperSized Kool-Aid Puzzles and SuperSized Pringles Puzzles are available as Mini Puzzles as well!

Socially Twisted Games

If it’s an edgy card game one is looking for, Socially Twisted is generating significant interest for three games currently available on Amazon. Combine a funny, twisted story card with a twisted word card and create absurd situations and catch phrases about your friends in 60 seconds or less while you enjoy laugh out loud fun. At the end of each round, the winner or loser, depending on how you look at it, is the person with the most winning cards! No two games are ever alike so cards won’t become obsolete. Available in the Socially Twisted "Original" Badass Pack (Adults) and the new Socially Twisted Family Pack (Family) as well as the new Socially Twisted Kids Pack (Kids).

"Puzzles and games grew in popularity during the pandemic and that trend continues as kids and adults flock towards these products as a means of offering fun, entertaining play," Mushro concludes.

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