D2Fit Nutrition’s Kickstart Keeps Its Fanbase Dancing

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., June 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Sports nutrition brand D2Fit Nutrition was launched with a simple goal, to help "inspire and motivate people to make positive changes in their lives." The brand has also released a trio of supplements that help D2Fit fans get the results that they’re looking for in their fitness routines. One of these is the Women’s 4 in 1 Kickstart, a supplement designed to suppress hunger, shed pounds, and provide an ideal energy kick just in time for another workout session.

D2Fit Nutrition founder Jessica Bass James originally set out with the goal of finding an inspiring fitness program that was able to adapt to her busy, mother-of-three schedule. The Knoxville mom couldn’t find a solution — so she made her own. Jessica Bass James’s fitness creation, Dance2Fit, represents a new frontier in the fitness world. The program can be accessed via local classes as well as an online stream. It caters to busy individuals, especially moms, with a plethora of responsibilities who don’t necessarily have access to a gym or fitness center.

Along with the program, Jessica Bass James has also created a hand-tailored, hard-hitting trio of supplements under the sister label D2Fit Nutrition. These are ideal for the average Dance2Fit fan who is looking to maximize their at-home workout investments. One of these supplements is called Women’s 4 in 1 Kickstart, and it’s designed to propel every D2Fit woman toward her fitness goals. The supplement aims to deliver in three specific areas:

  • Boosting metabolism and supporting appetite control;
  • Burning fat with an advanced thermogenic fat-burning formula;
  • Providing a boost of energy through things like green tea and green coffee bean extracts.

D2Fit Nutrition’s Kickstart isn’t meant to be a standalone wonder drug. On the contrary, the carefully thought-out formula is designed to support a balanced diet and consistent activity all in the name of helping busy moms and others in the D2Fit community find the fitness results that they’re looking for.

About D2Fit Nutrition: D2Fit Nutrition is the brainchild of Dance2Fit founder Jessica Bass James. Jessica Bass James has "devoted her life to helping millions of people across the globe achieve their fitness goals." The wunderkind workout company was founded in 2018 and operates out of Knoxville, Tennessee.

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