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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Fitness nutrition superstar Dance2Fit continues their year of impressive sales growth as they expand their reach in the world of e-commerce sales with their highly rated workout powder supplements. Supplemental nutrition continues to grow to make up one of the largest portions of the American retail market. Over the next few years projected growth will increase the total worth of the supplemental nutrition market to more than one hundred billion dollars, but even as demand increases product quality is the only way to stand out in this highly competitive industry.

Throughout 2020 Dance2Fit has been adding to their ensemble of e-commerce partners and now have products available across some of the largest retailers in the United States, and it looks like the company has no signs of slowing. Dance2Fit recently announced in addition to their impressive list of online retailers, they now have products available for online purchase through the website

Online sales now make up the majority of supplemental health purchases in the U.S. and retail partnerships can make a major difference in the success of emerging and established brands alike. Dance2Fit says that their working experience with My Supplement Health has so far been extremely beneficial because My Supplement Health is able to offer them the type of one-on-one client care and availability that most brands simply don’t get from retail giants.

E-commerce sales have so far been trending upward for Dance2Fit since the beginning of the year when they first started their web-based retail expansion and selling through My Supplement Health comes with the opportunity to attract customers who may not be searching for their products on larger sites. This is because My Supplement Health offers a highly tailored brand lineup with companies that have been screened by experienced veterans in the supplemental nutrition industry. Currently, My Supplement Health offers around 3000 different products from over 200 retail brands, giving special attention to every company featured on their website.

But even when they’re listed among some of the most impressive products in the health and wellness industry, Dance2Fit still manages to shine because of their loyal fan base. Dance2Fit’s customers are more than just customers, they’re a following of fitness coaches, dancers, and athletes of all walks of life who know and trust the brand, and their supplements.

Dance2Fit is known for the personal nature of their brand, listening and interacting with individual customer requests and concerns. That’s one of the reasons why Dance2Fit’s multi collagen pre-workout has been such an incredible seller for the brand. Dance2Fit conducted extensive research into the most popular supplements on the market today and added collagen to their pre-workout formula.

Customer reviews say that D2Fit’s pre-workout powder not only adds pep to their workout routine, but the added collagen can actually work to support muscle and bone health, even after intense exercise. But so far, another primary selling point for all of Dance2Fit’s products is their easy, online availability.

Today, more and more customers are buying from home as the online market becomes an integral part of modern selling, Dance2Fit’s wide-scale availability has fostered a year of strong e-commerce partnerships and continued growth.

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