Dress Shoes with a Barefoot Feel

PHILOMATH, Ore. , April 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A handcrafted pair of leather dress shoes conjures many images: elegance, fashion, power… but comfort is not one of them. Designing a comfortable dress shoe has been the holy grail of many health-minded brands, and Softstar has come to the boardroom with an impressive solution.

The Hamilton is a smart, elegant, and minimal tuxedo toe Oxford that is so barefoot-like that you won’t want to take them off at the end of the day. They are designed to keep you healthy, balanced, and moving comfortably. They are manufactured by Softstar, an ultra-sustainable, made-in-USA company.

Other barefoot brands have tried but have missed the mark due to adding empty toe space extending three inches beyond the actual foot. This makes their shoes pointier, a stylistic choice that unfortunately inhibits natural gait. Some brands create minimal healthy options that look more like leather sneakers than dress shoes. Softstar’s Oxford is not without compromises such as omitting a raised heel, potentially excluding it from certain formal venues. However, the overall profile of the shoe and leather construction more than compensates. Softstar managed to create a truly classic Oxford silhouette with top grain shine and hand-crafted perfection, suitable for formal and business casual outfits, and your back will thank you.

The shoe is constructed with a genuine hand-sewn method informed by Softstar’s moccasin expertise, creating an especially light and comfortable dress shoe. All efforts were used to create a design embodying Softstar’s high standards of health and sustainability. The primary goal was to promote foot health via wide toe boxes, a flexible and lightweight sole, and a zero-drop design for natural foot function and neutral posture. In addition, the shoe was designed with a cradle-to-grave sustainability approach. This included selecting vendors that utilize eco-certified tanning processes and incorporate material reuse into patterning. Pairs are hand-sewn on demand with zero waste and shipped direct to consumers, greatly reducing the carbon footprint typically associated with shoe manufacturing. Finally, the shoe is durable, resoleable, and will stand the test of time.

The uppers are constructed from premium eco-friendly Austrian leather with hand-applied finish and rich sheen. Softstar does not define gender stereotypes with this shoe, instead offering several options of tuxedo toe caps and wingtip colors appealing to men and women alike.

Why Minimal? Here are six reasons why barefoot shoes are attracting business professiointerenals and barefoot shoe enthusiasts alike:

  1. Strengthen foot muscles and improve balance.
  2. Zero drop soles ensure a neutral posture to reduce back pain associated with heels.
  3. Improved sensory input means less impact on knee and foot joints.
  4. Spacious toe box reduces risk of bunions and hammertoes.
  5. Flexible soles allow natural gait.
  6. Breathable, lightweight, and compact for travel.

The Oxford retails for $190 and is available at Softstar.com.

About Softstar Shoes:

Softstar has been designing and  handcrafting minimal leather footwear in the USA since 1985.

Anna Lammers


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