Engenuity Systems Announces Partnership with Facil.Ai to Integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into eViewIoT™

The combined solution of facil.ai’s AI-based autonomous HVAC optimization engine with eViewIoT IoT device management platform provides enhanced HVAC efficiency and control for smarter buildings – reducing energy costs and improving profitability.

MIAMI, March 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today at the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) National Key Accounts Workshop, Engenuity Systems, Inc. and facil.ai announced they have reached an agreement to integrate their respective technologies. The resulting benefit for retail operators is an easy-to-use, AI-enabled platform providing enhanced comfort while yielding energy savings from 5% to 15%. eViewIoT combined with facil.ai will address the increasing need for companies to improve Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices by helping retailers accelerate their sustainability programs and environmentally friendly practices. 

Both Engenuity Systems and facil.ai have decades of experience assisting businesses to reduce energy consumption, and now they have collectively applied this knowledge and experience into the integration of their platforms. The new solution will utilize numerous strategies and capabilities including AI optimization of HVAC and mechanical assets, continuous data collection and monitoring, detailed traceability, and richer visualizations. Designed with support teams in mind, the platform tracks information including device connectivity, status, alarms, and operational data. eViewIoT with facil.ai continuously collects and analyzes data points in real time, leading to informed predictions and actionable insights for operational efficiency. Built-in alarms and alerts as well as device-to-device and site-to-site comparisons quickly and easily assist users to find and focus on the underperforming buildings and equipment needing their attention.

“Combining the best-in-class artificial intelligence technology from facil.ai with Engenuity’s eViewIoT made perfect sense to us. eViewIoT already helps thousands of users quickly and easily identify issues with equipment and devices across large portfolios, preventing unexpected maintenance issues and costly expenses. Adding facil.ai’s technology to our platform ensures our ability to deliver the greatest ROI by achieving the maximum operational efficiencies expected by our market-leading customers” said Tracy Markie, founder, and CEO of Engenuity.

Keith Gipson, founder, and CEO of facil.ai added “AI driven autonomous optimization of buildings and mechanical systems is our business. Partnering with Engenuity Systems, Inc., a longtime leader in delivering end-to-end energy management solutions to retailers, was a strategic and natural choice for us. The synergies were obvious, and our combined platforms now create a solution for retailers with benefits that are unmatched in the market.”

Adding facil.ai’s extensive library of communication drivers to eViewIoT gives the platform the ability to connect with virtually any modern building automation system. It will preclude customers from needlessly replacing hardware while also preventing them from getting locked into proprietary systems. 

The addition of facil.ai’s AI technology will be immediately available to both existing and new eViewIoT users. Learn more about eViewIoT here.

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