ESG Watch: The App for Consumers and Companies to Make a Difference Together

BOSTON, May 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — How often in daily life do we encounter scenes that arouse the urge for change?

Plastic trash floating in the water. Swollen local landfills, bursting from discarded clothing and electronics. Pantry items on store shelves, packed with chemicals and additives.

Each instance pricks at the consumer’s conscience. Surveys in recent years consistently show that ESG—Environmental, Social, and Governance—principles are ever more important in people’s consumption choices, especially among younger generations. Yet too often, they wonder: What can I do as one person? At the same time, companies seeking to do well by doing good frequently face a lack of visibility into the most vital issues affecting communities. Without a clear pulse on the sentiments of their stakeholders, or trusted channels to mount an effective response, brands often tread too slowly, stalled in determining the best course of action and sometimes taking no action at all.

What if, instead, the scene of every problem came with the opportunity to be part of a solution?

HAP, a leading supply chain traceability firm, today launched a new public sentiment tool for consumers and companies to more effectively tackle the social and environmental issues that matter most. ESG Watch is the first smartphone app that captures real-time, scalable consumer data, transforming the preferences and experiences of individuals into actionable insights for their favorite brands.

"We’re more conscious as a society than we’ve ever been," said Andre Raghu, founder and CEO of HAP. "At the same time, the world is moving in the direction of greater transparency. Brands and investors are telling us, ‘Hey, we can make good judgments if you just provide us with the information.’ This is a channel for companies to have constant communication with their customers around the most important issues."

ESG Watch begins with the individual. Users can snap a photo of any observation that stirs their attention, then quickly share it to their feed. They can assign each post a "frustration level," representing how important the issue is to them personally. Users can also determine how much they would spend on a product if was sustainably sourced or more socially responsible, and even propose or design new attributes to satisfy their standards.

This stream of interactions—populated in real-time, globally, as consumers go about their normal day—accumulates into a powerful resource for guiding every kind of impact decision: Companies can confidently implement solutions, then highlight them on their ESG Watch profile; investors have access to better metrics for judging performance; and distributors can target their markets with greater relevance and accuracy.

In the end, it is the consumers—armed with the means to easily signal their most pressing social, civic, and sustainability concerns—who are better equipped to live their values with every purchase they make.

About HAP

HAP is a leading supply-chain traceability and ESG-data verification firm that builds consumer and government trust by providing verified data on the social and environmental footprints of global brands working across the international supply chain.

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