Experts Recommend Cooling Strategies for Texas Sleepers

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With record setting temperatures still underway in the state, many Texans are looking for ways to cool off – especially at night. According to Texas based Milton Sleep Company, modern mattress technology can help. However when choosing the right mattress it’s useful to understand how each element impacts sleep temperature comfort.

According to the team of sleep experts at Milton Sleep Company, the fundamental approach to cooling any mattress is increasing air flow, which helps dissipate the heat from the mattress.  Traditional mattress layers can trap heat, just like a down coat will keep you warm in the winter. To help alleviate that heat, the experts at Milton Sleep Company have a clear understanding of how a mattress is designed and utilize the right components to create air flow without compromising support and comfort.

There are four basic modern mattress technologies that help with cooling:

  • Utilizing foam with an open cell structure increases the flow of air.
  • Foam layers with gel help draw heat away from the surface of the mattress. Then the open cell structure of the foam helps dissipate that heat from the mattress.
  • Charcoal activated carbon memory foam both controls odors and helps conduct heat away from the body. This layer is generally used closer to the surface.
  • Phase change material is cool to the touch and prevents heat being trapped close to the body.

Combined with cool sleep sheets and pillows, the cooling benefits start to add up. However, Milton Sleep Experts acknowledge that with nightly temperatures in Texas in the upper 90’s, even the coolest mattress will still require the use of a good air conditioner to keep everyone cool. Still the odds of getting to sleep during these heat waves is definitely improved with a cooler mattress. For that reason, the Milton Team continues to evaluate the latest cooling technologies for maximum effectiveness.

“If there’s anything we’ve learned in our 70 years of mattress building in Texas,” said Michael Karotkin, President of Milton Sleep Company, “it’s that every little bit we can do to cool off at night helps us achieve our mission – a comfortable night’s sleep.”

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