Face Mask Brand Gets Creative, Introduces Unique Multi-Layer Protection Option

NEW YORK, Nov. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In response to recently updated recommendations for multi-layered face coverings, global face mask veteran, Debrief Me®, has announced its newest initiative to combat “mask fatigue” and the demands for higher protection. Combining its latest neck gaiter product line with its bestselling Premium Everyday® face masks, the company says it is now able to provide a highly protective, fashionable face coverings option moving forward into the winter season.

More information about Debrief Me® and its bestselling Premium Everyday® mask can be found at: https://get.debriefme.com/premium.

Debrief Me®, a leader in the anti-pollution mask space and advocate for “Clean Air”, has seen enormous gains in the last several years prior to the pandemic and since. Now, with the release of data indicating that masks made with multiple cloth layers can prevent 50-70% of a person’s respiratory droplets from spreading to others, the company has pivoted to introducing the addition of neck gaiters to its product line to be used in combination with non-medical masks.

“The CDC has just highlighted an additional benefit of wearing masks, and that is that masks with multiple layers can also protect the wearer from other people’s droplets,” Matt E Silver, Debrief Me®’s CEO and Founder.

“We are responding to these new findings by providing consumers with not only face masks that have multiple layers, as we always have offered, but also an additional covering in the form of neck gaiters. This way wearers can benefit from even further protection as we head into this vulnerable winter season.”

According to recently conducted research, consumers are now experiencing “COVID fatigue”, a term coined by medical practitioners to describe the exhaustion society is feeling with wearing masks, social distancing and restrictions. Silver breaks the term down further into “mask fatigue” in the saturated market, with consumers constantly being offered face mask options amidst ever-changing recommendations.

“We hope that the introduction of our neck gaiters, bundled with face masks, can provide consumers with a portable, safe and compact way to achieve higher protection this winter. Our way of decreasing this ‘mask fatigue’ is by putting a positive spin on mask-wearing via fashionable layering with neck gaiters,” Silver says.

Debrief Me®’s new neck gaiters come in an assortment of patterns and colors for broader appeal. According to the company, its neck gaiters are lightweight, breathable and easy to wear over face masks, using fabric technology that allows the neck gaiter to seal around the face and mask combo.   

Due to the pandemic and the significant wildfires season this year, the company’s Premium Everyday® and Epic X95® face masks have sold out internationally online. The Premium Everyday® mask, in particular, has received a 99% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency rating by Nelson Labs.

Silver says consumers want their non-medical, cloth masks to be functional yet stylish now more than ever, particularly as ‘COVID fatigue’ endures.

“I think now, face masks have become such a staple in our society, and it goes beyond ensuring critical, high-level protection– now consumers are looking at ways to express themselves creatively while keeping themselves safe, so there’s a fashion angle. We saw an opportunity to capitalize on both of these factors using face masks in combination with neck gaiters, especially during the colder winter months,” he notes.

Silver states that neck gaiters used alone as an accessory without face masks underneath will not provide optimal protection from COVID-19, according to CDC guidelines, and consumers should be aware that the objective is to achieve multiple layers of protection.

Debrief Me® is currently running a pre-launch sale, where customers can purchase bundles of neck gaiters at discounted prices on its website.

To learn more about the sale and view its newest line, visit:


Debrief Me helps health-conscious individuals who want to wake up feeling good every day by producing high-quality products that protect individual health, bring inner peace, and assist people in achieving daily clarity.

The global health and wellness brand currently offers a variety of premium everyday reusable face masks, filters and neck gaiters that can protect against dust, air pollution, and other unhealthy airborne particles. Launched in 2017, Debrief Me is a global leader in reusable face masks. For more information about Debrief Me® and its line of reusable face masks, visit: https://debriefme.com/.

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