Fareway Commits to Fast and Efficient Sourcing with RangeMe

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Rapidly growing Midwest grocery chain, Fareway, announced a partnership with RangeMe, the industry standard discovery platform for product suppliers and retailers, to accelerate their mission of providing the highest quality and freshest products available in their stores.

“With the new year fast approaching, we are committed to creating a personalized shopping experience for customers, with the added focus on how we can better help meet their needs,” says Clint Jenkins, Vice President of Wholesale Purchasing at Fareway. “So many of our customers are on a wellness journey and partnering with RangeMe opens up so many new possibilities to tailor products to help them meet their goals.”

As Fareway looks forward to 2021, responding quickly to increased and ever-changing consumer demands continues to present challenges. The need for direct communication with suppliers is essential to remain agile in sourcing products and services. The partnership with RangeMe not only provides an online platform to collaborate with suppliers, but it is an efficient communication system that will allow Fareway to source new and exciting products.

“2020 has been a year of learning and perseverance,” says Nicky Jackson, CEO of RangeMe. “We are excited to have a partner in Fareway that is eager to take these learnings into the new year with a mission to provide a healthy product assortment to fit their consumers’ lifestyles.”

As part of their partnership with RangeMe, Fareway will have access to more than 200,000 suppliers, and bring to the shelf an abundance of new products that consumers want as they shift to a health and wellness mindset. This commitment to technology not only gives prospective suppliers a streamlined experience but also allows the Fareway buying team to remain on the cutting edge of product discovery and innovation.

“Over the past seven months, the CPG and retail landscape has evolved dramatically,” says Jackson. “Fareway is the epitome of this evolution not just from an innovation perspective, but also their openness to change and grow with rapidly shifting consumer demand.”

About Fareway
Fareway Stores, Inc. is a growing Midwest grocery company currently operating 123 stores in a six-state region. Fareway’s mission is to provide the highest quality products, while treating customers like family, and valuing dedicated employees. Its stores are known for their unmatched, full-service meat departments, farm-fresh produce, and exceptional to-your-car customer service. Fareway is a family-owned business, recognized as a top 10 employer in Iowa, and has more than 12,000 total employees. Visit Fareway.com for more information.

About RangeMe
RangeMe, an ECRM company, is the leading online platform that streamlines new product discovery between suppliers and retailers. The platform empowers retail buyers to efficiently discover innovative and emerging products, while streamlining the inbound product submission process. For product suppliers, RangeMe enables them to grow their retail relationships with a platform that gives them the tools to manage their products, market their brand, and build awareness. Now integrated into the ECRM product offering, RangeMe adds increased breadth and depth to the industry’s most complete sourcing solution for top retailers and product suppliers in the US.

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