Fellowes Brands Clean the Air for the Return to 'Work from Work' with New TV Ad Campaign Featuring Fellowes' Commercial-Grade AeraMax Pro Air Purifiers

ITASCA, Ill., April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A leader in commercial-grade air purification, Fellowes has launched a new campaign this month that informs the mainstream public of its smart technology solution for achieving clean air in shared work and public spaces.

The campaign featuring Fellowes AeraMax Pro Air Purifiers launches on the heels of the CDC’s guidance that the coronavirus is airborne transmitted. The CDC suggests air cleaners that use HEPA filters to enhance air cleaning wherever possible. Fellowes’ new laboratory tests show Fellowes AeraMax Pro Air Purifiers, with True HEPA filtration, remove 99.99% of an airborne coronavirus*.

The campaign has been introduced as companies and employees are preparing for the shift from ‘work from home’ to ‘work from work.’ And it poses a curious question: Is work ready for us?

“In the nation’s urgency to reopen schools, we have seen teachers and parents driving the demand for air cleaning solutions as they became more educated about strategies to mitigate long-term threats of airborne viruses and other pollutants,” says Jeff Dryfhout, Vice President of Global Branding for Fellowes. “Our ‘work from work’ campaign intends to elevate the larger mainstream’s knowledge about the need for better indoor air quality as more employees are beginning to migrate back to their indoor workspaces.”

The spots use the classic musical lyrics of the song Back in the Saddle. It plays to the old familiar routine of getting ready to ‘work from work’ juxtaposed to the modern change of smart-tech air purifiers present in the workplace for a breath of fresh air. The voiceover is delivered directly from Fellowes 4th generation CEO John Fellowes.

The ad shines a light on Fellowes commercial air purifiers’ unique competitive strengths in showing room occupants the air is clean; conveys how it senses and reacts to changes in air quality and occupancy; and how its sleek design integrates into the look of modern workplaces. The :30 and :15 spots are featured across television, social and digital, and run in various local markets through mid-June 2021, including Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Minneapolis, Raleigh, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Digital marketing content from Fellowes will give rise to the business leadership opportunity to clean the air in shared work and public spaces, reaching key decision-makers in education, corporate offices, hospitality, elderly care and small format retail.

“The campaign represents how Fellowes air purification solutions are among our company’s most meaningful commitments to workplace health ever in its history,” shared Dryfhout. “Our mantra is to help people be at their best, and providing clean air is just one way we can make this happen.”

Fellowes Air Purifiers Experience Significant Increase in Demand
In the past year, demand for Fellowes AeraMax Pro Air Purifiers has significantly increased, not only in North America but across the globe. The company supports many reopening strategies for businesses, schools, professional arenas and stadiums, and the fragile healthcare population.

Air cleaners, such as Fellowes air purifiers, are recognized by ASHRAE to complement HVAC systems by optimizing local indoor air quality and providing an extra layer of virus protection. Notably, this air purification solution helps achieve leading scientists’ recommended goal of four to six air changes per hour (ACH), meaning the air is refreshed every 10-15 minutes.

Over 100,000 units have been sold into schools across 32 states since the onset of the pandemic. Fellowes continues to see an increase in localized air purification demand as educators and facilities managers understand the scientific evidence around coronaviruses’ airborne transmission and create safer indoor environments for their school populations.

During the 2020 MLB baseball season, Fellowes partnered with the Chicago Cubs as part of their coronavirus mitigation strategy for the team. Fellowes’ air quality experts assessed the indoor spaces at Wrigley Field, noting areas where fans, staff, and team members gather. As a result, the Cubs installed a multiple of Fellowes air purifiers, including the players’ locker rooms and meeting rooms. For the 2021 season, additional units are installed in suites, bathrooms, and enclosed Wrigley Field club spaces for further peace of mind.

New Interactive Demonstrations on Fellowes.com

Fellowes has launched a new website for its Fellowes AeraMax Pro air purifiers, offering interactive demonstrations of its patented EnviroSmart™ and PureView™ Technologies. It also provides access to its services, product details, research and product performance tests, and client case studies. To learn more, go to fellowes.com.

About Fellowes Brands

Over the last century, Fellowes Brands has played a meaningful role in major public crises. During World War II, Fellowes’ Liberty Boxes were used as bassinets in wartime hospital delivery rooms to help keep babies safe. In the early 2000s, when identity theft was becoming the fastest growing crime in America, Fellowes paper shredders became a household necessity to help prevent fraud. In the 21st century, Fellowes has been focused on offering health and wellness solutions for the workplace, with its air purification addressing the most significant need in the workplace in its company history.

Celebrating its 103rd year under the private ownership and executive leadership of the Fellowes family, Fellowes Brands is a global leader of broad-based business solutions that help professionals be their best and feel their best. Headquartered in Itasca, Illinois, USA, Fellowes Brands operates from 26 locations across the globe. For more information, please visit fellowesbrands.com.

* Fellowes AeraMax Pro air purifiers were demonstrated to be effective in reducing aerosolized airborne concentration of Human Coronavirus 229E in a test chamber reaching 99.99% airborne reduction within 1 hour of operation, based on independent laboratory testing. For more information visit fellowes.com.

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