Flying Eyes Optics Announces New Bifocal Eyewear

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Flying Eyes Optics announced availability of new non-prescription bifocal variations, enabling customers to now purchase them in all of the best-selling frames from the company.

The original bifocal variations were only available with the Golden Eagle Sports and the Hawk Convertibles. Now, customers can order bifocals with strengths of +1.5, 2.0, and 2.5 in those original frames, along with the Kingfishers and the newly released Kestrels.

The bifocals are available in gradient gray or clear lenses. The company offers a Day/Night Bundle for 15% off the cost of two glasses. This bundle gives customers the option to purchase comfortable bifocals in both bright and dark settings.

The new options for non-Rx bifocals are driven by feedback from customers as part of the company’s commitment to providing the technical solve of extreme comfort to those in industries that use helmets and noise-cancelling headsets.

Bifocal options can be found on the Flying Eyes Optics website and are available for purchase now.

Founded in 2013 by pilot Dean Siracusa, Flying Eyes Optics provides the most comfortable sunglasses, especially under noise-cancelling headsets and helmets. The company’s products are known for being ultra-flexible, virtually unbreakable, and ridiculously comfortable while providing 100% protection from UV light.

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