FosterHobbs Coffee Expands Customer Base During Pandemic

HIGH POINT, N.C., Sept. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Coffee clearly remains an essential during the COVID-19 pandemic, and FosterHobbs Coffee Roasters has continued to roast daily to ensure that its most popular products are available to not only their local customers but to new customers nationwide.  One way that they have been able to reach out to new customers is by selling through Amazon.  And it is already listed #6 on the Amazon’s Hot New Releases. 

When the pandemic began, FosterHobbs Coffee Roasters owners, Mike and Pam Foster, went to work quickly arranging new ways to get their coffee to their loyal customers, aptly named FosterHobbs Coffee Snobs.

The Fosters saw their online sales finally take off.  For years, they have been looking for ways to increase their online presence.  Actually, Mike had been praying to find some time to dedicate to this endeavor.  Never did he believe a world-wide pandemic would give him the needed downtime to break into the Amazon market. 

He promises, “We are working hard to ship the same exceptional, just-roasted coffee to new customers as our neighbors purchase in our hometown of High Point, NC.”  This dedication to see each customer as an individual who wishes to ENJOY coffee is what sets FosterHobbs Coffee apart from commodity coffee that sits on grocery store shelves, staling.  He continues, “What makes us different is with FosterHobbs Coffee, you get to experience specialty grade, 100% arabica coffee right after it is roasted.  The de-gassing of CO2  lasts three to four weeks.  That makes the oils more water soluble and coffee more aromatic.  You can taste the difference.  We roast to order so our customers brew and enjoy their coffee in its freshest state.  Most of what you see at the typical store can be roasted as long as six months to a year ago.”

Mike, a retired airline captain, began FosterHobbs Coffee LLC in 2012.  He discovered his passion for coffee in the early 1990’s on his first international flight to Stockholm.  Late night flights that far north meant caffeine was a must.  Not being a fan of airline coffee, he explored other options along the cobblestone streets of Old Town.  There he experienced his first cup of specialty grade coffee at a sidewalk café, and he was hooked.

Since trading his wings for beans, he has navigated through some turbulence much like the weather patterns he experienced flying.  FosterHobbs Coffee LLC has survived a threatened lawsuit over its registered logo, several break-ins and a few failed contract negotiations; as a result, dealing with the effects of the coronavirus has been manageable.  The downside of the pandemic for the Fosters is that they missed visiting the coffee farms during this year’s harvest.  “A very important part of what Mike does, “says his wife, Pam, “is being at the farms, talking with the farmers, tasting the just harvested coffee and deciding which coffees to purchase for the year.  Thankfully, we have been able to have our 2021 contracts for coffee fulfilled and we are moving forward.  As long as people still want to purchase coffee, we are going to roast it for them.  And we’re committed to making it the very best coffee that they have ever enjoyed!”

To learn more about FosterHobbs Coffee, a small batch, specialty grade roaster, based in High Point, NC, and the coffee that they are currently roasting for Amazon, go to .

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