From Fashion-Forward to Social Good, Lion Brand Yarn 2023 Culture Report Highlights Top 10 Trends to Watch for the 45 Million Knitters and Crocheters in the U.S.

Influencers and Lion Brand’s Style Watchers Round Up Culture-Defining Knitting and Crocheting Trends

CARLSTADT, N.J. , April 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — From TikTok to fashion houses, knitting and crocheting are having a moment, gaining legions of new fans during the pandemic as the fiber arts continue to grow their influence in mainstream culture and attract more crafters across generations. Lion Brand Yarn, the oldest producer of knitting and craft yarn in the United States, has released its 2023 Culture Report, unveiling the top 10 trends to watch this year, ranging from coastal-chic to crochet-to-slay fashions and sustainability. The list was compiled by Lion Brand Yarn’s influencers and trend-watchers.

The trends in this year’s culture report are backed up by fashion houses like Miu Miu and Gucci, as well as celebrities joining in on the craft, including Olympic Gold Medalist Tom Daley, actors Ian McKellen, Margot Robbie and Sydney Sweeney, singers Harry Styles and Dua Lipa, model Gigi Hadid, and Wheel of Fortune co-host Vanna White, who serves as Lion Brand’s official spokesperson. The trends also highlight social issues that are on the forefront, including sustainability, supporting communities in need and improving health and wellness by slowing down and looking away from the screen.

“In 2023, the fiber arts continue to embed themselves in culture, from runway to street style, mental health and environmental sustainability,” said Jessica Hendrickson, Design Director of Lion Brand Yarn. “The report captures the passion crafters and consumers have for the practice of knitting and crocheting and, of course, for the incredible range of one-of-a-kind creations and projects it produces.”

The 2023 Lion Brand Culture Report can be found HERE.

These are the top 10 trends highlighted in this year’s culture report:

1. Happy Camper
Offbeat, energetic and optimistic, the laid-back looks revitalize vintage-inspired pieces with bold and vibrant colors, patterns and graphics.

2. Coastal Chic
Personified by Jane Fonda on Grace and Frankie, this style is all about relaxation and tranquility, embracing neutral tones and oversized cardigans, relaxed button-downs and khakis.

3. Inclusive Crafting
The image of Olympic Gold Medalist Tom Daley feverishly knitting during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics catapulted his passion into the spotlight and led to “Made for Love,” his own line of yarn and knit kits. Harry Styles, Sir Ian McKellen and ABBA’s Bj√∂rn Ulvaeus are also aficionados, proving the inclusive appeal of the craft. 

4. The Sweater Dress
Sweater dresses, beloved by celebrities like Olivia Culp, Karlie Kloss and Katie Holmes, are known for their versatility. They can go from casual to chic in seconds and are easy to style.

5. Slay in Crochet
According to Year on TikTok: 2022, smaller communities like Crocheters of TikTok increased in popularity, making TikTok’s list of favorite communities.

6. Sustainability
Many yarn companies, including Lion Brand Yarn, are working to develop and offer sustainable products made from natural or recycled sources like plastic bottles.

7. Prep School Chic
Brands including Miu Miu, Gucci, Tory Burch and Lacoste are putting a high-fashion twist on collegiate cardigans, cable-knit sweaters, logo-emblazoned cardigans and chevron looks.

8. Knitting with Purpose
From global knitting circles to charities like #HatNotHate, Knit the Rainbow, Knock Knock Give A Sock, and Warm Up America!, people are using their stitching skills to give back.

9. Knitting for Health
The benefits of knitting are numerous, including stress relief, improved cognitive function and alleviating depression. Knitting has even been proven to boost serotonin, which helps make you feel relaxed and happy!

10. Reclaimed Romance 
This look is all about traditionally feminine styles and pastel colors.  Fans of this trend include Margot Robbie, Lily Collins, Sydney Sweeney and Blake Lively.

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SOURCE Lion Brand Yarn Co.