Funded in One Hour on Kickstarter: Nanobag 4.0 – Ultralight Reusable Shopping Bag

HONG KONG, Sept. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Following the success of their first three Nanobag campaigns, the Tiptop Things team has launched Nanobag 4.0. The campaign reached their goal in just one hour, and the project is now more than 8000% funded, with over 10,000 backers raising a total of US$412,000 with 22 days remaining of the campaign.

Nanobag 4.0 is the next generation of versatile and feature-rich shopping bags designed to fit the specific needs of customers. Not only does the new Nanobag series set out to be the lightest, most portable and strongest bags on the market. The series also offers six different bag styles and fifteen colorful print designs. 

Nanobag 4.0 series are made with a soft and lightweight diamond ripstop material that folds so tight that you’ll barely notice carrying them. Despite the light weight they easily carry 66lbs (30kg). These tiny bags are convenient to keep in your pocket at all times and carry comfortably.

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Key features:

  • Six bag styles ranging from 12 liters to 25 liters in size
  • Fifteen colorful bag designs
  • Diamond ripstop polymer fabric measuring only 0.002in (0.05 mm)
  • Carries up to 66lbs (30 kg)
  • Reinforced handles for extra comfort
  • Water repellent nano coating
  • Packs into small attached pouch
  • Weighs from 0.56oz – 0.99oz (16g – 25g)
  • A mangrove tree planted for every bag sold

Tiptop Things is committed to creating climate positive products that give more back to the planet than they consume. The Nanobag is already environmentally conscious, as it contains less materials than other bags in their category and helps reduce single use plastic bag consumption. In addition one mangrove tree will be planted for every bag sold in partnership with Eden Reforestation Project. 

The Kickstarter campaign will run until Thursday, October 8, 2020 10:00 PM Central Time.

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Tiptop Things is a product design company with six successful crowdfunding campaigns delivered, and more than 48.000 successfully shipped pledges to backers all over the world. Their mission is to infuse everyday items with premium quality and cutting-edge technologies, while having a positive impact on our planet in the process.

Contact details:

Rune Kippervik

Tiptop Things Ltd.
2301, 23/F., Bayfield Building, 
99 Hennessy Road, 
Wanchai, Hong Kong

Tiptop Things Ltd.
2301, 23/F., Bayfield Building,
99 Hennessy Road,
Wanchai, Hong Kong

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