Game Design Co. BMG & Associates Acquires Trademark to the Overpower™ Collectible Card Game, Sets 2024 Relaunch

BOSTON, July 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — BMG & Associates (, a game design company that combines modern gaming with the current love of nostalgia, recently acquired the trademark rights to Overpower™, the collectible card game from the mid-1990s involving comic book superheroes and villains.

The company also has successfully secured the trademark on a global scale in anticipation of the relaunch of the core set of cards in 2024.

“This achievement marks a significant milestone for our company and sets the stage for an exciting new chapter within the Overpower universe,” said Joseph Gagnepain, CEO of BMG and fan of the game himself. “Overpower has always held a special place in the hearts of both avid gamers and fans of the superhero genre. BMG is thrilled to be the stewards of this amazing game and to work to bring the new Overpower card game to life with characters that we all know and love.”

Overpower was produced by Fleer Corp. beginning in 1995 and originally featured characters from Marvel Comics and later from DC Comics and Image Comics. In the game, two players go head to head with teams of four heroes and villains. According to Wikipedia, “Unlike most other collectible card games of the mid-1990s, Overpower was very distinct strategically and structurally different from Magic: The Gathering.”

Recently, BMG created two new sets of cards for the original Overpower game called the “World Legends – Power Card Promo Pack” and “World Legends – Any Hero Essentials Promo Pack.” These promo packs were released so that Overpower enthusiasts could play test some new mechanics of the game.

The two new sets were well received by the current active community of Overpower players. The first set of cards sold out within three days. 

Now, BMG’s team of designers, developers, and gaming enthusiasts are exploring new game mechanics, enhancing artwork, and creating a comprehensive rules set that incorporates 20 years of game design theory into a new version of the game.

“Our primary objective is to deliver a revitalized Overpower experience that surpasses the original game, while still capturing the feel and heart of Overpower we all fell in love with in the ’90s,” said Gagnepain.

Following this product launch in 2024, Gagnepain said that BMG plans on bringing to market other beloved games that will find new legs in a modern time where gaming and a love of nostalgia are at an all-time high.

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About BMG & Associates, LLC

BMG & Associates ( is a game design company made up of talented professionals with a deep well of experience designing and bringing to market collectible card games and major fantasy games. Their experiences range from working on the original Overpower™ card game at Fleer to contributing design work for the Magic The Gathering: Arena of the Planeswalkers Game at Hasbro. BMG is pleased to be bringing a new version of the Overpower Card Game to market, utilizing more than 20 years of innovation in game design while keeping it compatible with the original game that everyone knows and loves.

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