Gelpro’s Microactive Collagen Peptide Powder Is a Clean, Bioavailable Source of Protein

The Revolutionary Product Is a Breakthrough In Collagen Quality, Uptake, and Overall Effect

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Collagen has been a buzzword in the health and wellness world for years now. Fitness fans have come to see the supplement as a clean, natural source of protein that can help with everything from workout recovery to improved skin, hair, and even gut health. However, for collagen supplements to work, they need to be bioavailable. This critical need for nutritional uptake has been a priority for Gelpro Australia from day one.

“When we first launched the company, we knew we had to come up with a product that really did what it said on the label,” says Gelpro co-founder and CEO Nagib Kassis. “We had benefited from natural, whole food-based supplementation from collagen in our personal lives, and we wanted to create a product that optimized that effect for others, too. That’s how we came up with our hydrolyzed collagen protein.”

We spent five years in the early 2010s experimenting with collagen made exclusively from Australian and New Zealand bovine-sourced hides (no hooves or hair.) By the end of that initial stretch of time, they had developed their groundbreaking “Microactive Collagen Peptide” formula, which used hydrolysis to dramatically decrease the dalton size of collagen proteins. This led to the creation of their flagship collagen product Peptipro, which launched along with the company in 2014.

“Peptipro is a unique combination of ancestral wisdom and cutting-edge scientific formulation,” explains Kassis. “It is a whole-food-based supplement using only the highest quality ingredients. Once we have personally vetted each batch of natural ingredients, we use our unique know-how process to break down the collagen into a microscopic size. You can tell how small the collagen proteins are based on how easily they dissolve into a drink, like a shake or a cup of coffee. Once they’re mixed in, you don’t even know they’re in there. The hydrolyzed collagen massively affects bioavailability and makes it easier for the body to absorb the nutrients as it passes through the digestive system.”

Gelpro’s R&D team has produced marine as well as bovine microactive collagen peptides using this hydrolyzed method. The group has also combined its uniquely effective collagen with other ingredients to create targeted products for skin, hair, gut, and overall health and wellness. Whatever the product may be, though, the ingredient at the root of Gelpro’s international growth remains its elite, bioavailable microactive collagen peptides.

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Gelpro Australiaâ„¢ Pty Ltd is a family-run Australian health and wellness company that operates with a holistic approach to health and sustainability at the forefront of its brand philosophy. The company was founded by two brothers-in-law in 2014 after they individually went through their own health challenges and discovered the healing capabilities of natural, high-quality health solutions rooted in ancestral wisdom. Since its inception, Gelpro has become known for its robust line of top-shelf collagens and whole food-based supplements. The brand is recognized as a health and wellness market leader and educator in the Land Down Under. Learn more at

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