Gender Reveal Parties Just Got a Bomb Glitter Upgrade

HOUSTON, May 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In continuity of the quest to dominate the beverage and spirits market and to consistently provide maximum satisfaction and value, My Drink Bomb launches the new gender reveal glitter products for gender reveal parties.

My drink bomb is a fast-growing brand specialized in making the best handcrafted drink bombs utilizing natural flavors like cane sugar, edible flowers, bitters and dry fruits for just any event. In the course of her growth, there’s been over 40 amazing cocktail flavours and 12 varieties of children’s drink treats, the brand is the best shot as she delivers premium orders for important events like weddings. The drink bombs are all made from natural, healthy ingredients and are easily soluble in water, sparkling soda or alcohol.

With the rise and increase in prominence of the gender reveal party in our ever-changing society, there’s also been an equal rise in the demand for treats to keep guests satisfied. Gender reveal parties are usually fun filled, emotional and a joyful moment for the expectant parents and the guests alike. What better way to spice up such beautiful celebration than with the My drink bomb gender reveal party glitter pack? Creatively simple and of course unique spirit and beverage blends that are custom made for your gender reveal party.

They come in blue and pink glitters which is formed when dropped in sparkling water, soda or alcohol as it inadvertently makes a bold gender reveal statement. Prior to dropping it in the drink, no one can tell what color it really is. No better way to share the good news than with our gender reveal glitter products which have been designed to help expecting parents have fun while sharing an important part of their lives with guests and drinking through the night.

In need of the perfect gender reveal party drink option, our glitter products are your perfect call to live in the moment. Visit for further details on prices, to make purchases and for delivery options.


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