GK Hair Provides the Expert Guide to Maintain the Ever-Shining Blonde Hair

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Got a new hair color but are too inconsistent with follow-up appointments? We have all been there. Nothing feels better than a fresh, bright blonde hair color, but the upkeep can become a handful for some of us. Probably the biggest reason why many of our brunette fellows think twice before going blonde. Hence, we asked the hair experts to chime in on the matter at hand, and they planned out an easier, DIY alternative guide that could maintain your ever-shining blonde hair for months.

Use A Silver Shampoo

If your blonde hair starts showing signs of unwanted orange, brassy undertones, run…and get GK Hair Silver Bombshell Shampoo for your hair. This toning shampoo contains a pigmented base which helps in neutralizing brassiness and keeps your hair bright and blonde without having to run to the salon for toning sessions.

Never Skip On Leave-In Treatments

The basic rule of thumb: Never miss out on leave-in conditioners. Color-treated hair is dry enough as it is; therefore, it’s important to maintain hair hydration level to keep it healthy and vibrant. GK Hair has a wide range of leave-in treatments which are suitable for every hair type and texture. Check out their official web store and pick yourself Leave-In Bombshell Cream for blonde hair.

Deep Condition Once A Week

Deep conditioner is a lifesaver for color-treated hair as it works instantly on frizz and color damage and makes the hair super smooth and manageable. This is where GK Hair Lock Me Color Masque comes in. This dual-action hair aid not only nourishes your hair but also prolongs the longevity and vibrance of your hair color.

Seeking Damage Repair? Try Miami Bombshell

If the hair damage seems a little excessive to overcome, the GK Hair Miami Bombshell Treatment is the cure to all illnesses. Infused with Juvexin Keratin, this treatment regenerates broken hair bonds and keeps your blonde hair smooth, sleek and brass-free for up to 5 months.

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