Grand Opening of Online Tea Store in Miami

MIAMI, Feb. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In Miami and throughout the United States, tea lovers can find a new source for high-quality, delicious teas. For The Love of Teas, a locally-owned business located in the Miami area of Florida, is introducing its online store, making it easier than ever for customers to find top-quality teas from a curated selection of premium options. Thanks to For The Love of Teas, customers are able to shop delicious teas directly from their favorite local business right from the comfort of home.

“Being an immigrant and being able to succeed in the United States, [as well as] being able to build a business that will provide for my family is incredibly meaningful. I am proud of the delicious loose-leaf teas [we offer,] both online and to the local Florida community; [it] is a dream come true.

We love to support local businesses and hope the community will support ours as well. The heart of the Miami community truly [is] small business owners [like] myself.”

Gleivys Sanchez, For The Love of Teas Co-Owner

The idea behind For The Love of Teas sprang from a mutual love of tea between a mother and daughter. With a passion for finding better ingredients for their teas, this mom and daughter duo decided to open and run their own online tea shop that prioritizes quality ingredients, great taste, and an enjoyable tea-drinking experience over everything else.

If full-service tea parties and a wide selection of high-quality teas aren’t enough motivation to partner with For The Love of Teas, customers can also be pleased to learn that purchasing from this business supports a local young entrepreneur —Annabella, one of the co-owners, is just 18 and already well on her way to success in the tea industry.

“Working on this business with my mom has been very fun, especially since it allows me to learn new things and to spend time with her doing something we both enjoy and have fun doing. [It’s] been a lot of hard work, but it’s still something that I look forward to working on every day.”

-Annabella, For The Love of Teas Co-Owner

Customers can shop for high-quality teas online and enjoy convenient delivery options, including free in-person pick-up or direct-to-home shipping by visiting the online store at to learn more about the teas, the company, and more.

Contact Information

Name: Gleivys Sanchez

Phone Number: 786.885.3692

SOURCE For The Love of Teas